Pro Repair Talk-negotiations.With what just did not compare - and the fire, and flood - in general, with a natural disaster for sure.But who did not survive, he does not understand all the jokes on this subject.And who survived ??Tom fragments of life for a long time to withdraw under repair.I had to go through repair and me ... It was a nightmare in three parts, but ended as an American action film - that is, "we won."And I want to talk about ceilings.Not because it is something special, but questions came - so just answer.

When I started a repair, then the question of ceilings solves.Options now mass.Of course, it is tempting to make the tension, the French, but the cost of 500 to 900 dollars a room, and I have them (rooms) 4, not counting the other rooms.I wanted something practical, nice and inexpensive as possible.I shoveled a lot of literature, consulted with experts and stopped on the option with the ceiling Non-woven wallpaper.The ceiling under the wallpaper is ready to forgive - all washed awa

y up to the plate, are embedded in the concrete shell, then filling it.That is, if you are satisfied with the ceiling and is not subject to equalization.Then glued wallpaper, which are then covered with latex paint.By the way, this wallpaper can withstand up to 6-8 paint layers.That is to upgrade, to give them a fresh look can be themselves.

Actually, and all, but I wanted to make it original and beautiful.And that's what I came up with.I did not plain ceiling, and part of the ceiling pokleit wallpaper that covered the walls in the rooms.Form - arbitrary, but I chose a rectangle or square.

Further, the color of the ceiling around the perimeter of a ceiling plinth issued and outlet under the chandelier.How is it - look at the photos.And I appreciated the practicality almost immediately.Approximately six months after the repair of the neighbors on the floor above the pipe burst.Flood was incredible, because they are not at home, and water gushed out for a long time.If there were no non-woven wallpaper, then all the furniture and equipment could not be saved.But "non-woven" ceilings retain water, brimming like rubber.Then you could cut with a knife and drain the water in the bucket, but do wallpaper, podsohnuv, lay down again.Their remains only to paint again.So I recommend - easy, inexpensive, practical, beautiful or not - see for yourself.