The curtains in your home ( continued)


Kitchen, a place where the early morning brew coffee, eat, socialize, share their plans for the day.That is why there should curtains create a mood and a positive charge.A good solution will be rolled and bamboo curtains.Also, it is fine classic curtains, blinds "pleated" or bright cheerful blinds.One of the most important principles in the selection of kitchen curtains - its functionality, ie the ability to easily open and close the window to ventilate the room if necessary.

Living room - a business card of your home.The curtains, which would you prefer to be able to tell a lot about its inhabitants.The decorated living room you can afford anything you want!For example, classic curtains with lambrequins, a variant of taffeta with tulle SMAD.In the modern version of the original premises welcome roman shades of multilayer organza or, even more extravagant version of the multi-colored veils.Impeccably will look Japanese curtains and "pleated".Bright and practical blinds allow changing

room lighting to suit your mood.The main thing is that the selected model you like and organically combined with the overall style of the room.


Children - the territory of your child.If the child is small, it should be borne in mind that all of the items in this room will be "tasted".In addition, a small child learns and explores all hands.In short, make your conclusions.Older children are also very creative.Long curtains - a favorite place to play hide and seek, they are constantly wrapped.Some particularly creative children, sometimes dorisovyvayut ornament curtains paint or marker, and then can just cut a favorite flower or star.The yield is that either have to be changed frequently and wash curtains, or hang them out of reach.In the latter case, it does not matter what kind you prefer curtains.The main thing that the window decoration is not irritated and tired nervous system of a small occupant.

Bedroom Bedroom - a welcome place of rest.Perfectly suited languishing Austrian model, Roman, Japanese and, of course, the classic version.Especially harmoniously looks set of curtains and bedspreads of the same fabric.The only limitation - it's too dark heavy curtains: black, blue, brown.This color scheme is very pressing.The bedroom curtains with such a dream is unlikely to be easy.Therefore, the best choice - juicy or pastel colors.

However, strict regulations about the use of a particular type of curtains in particular areas (be it a bedroom, living room, children's room, kitchen) simply does not exist.Firstly, the tastes of people differ greatly, and, secondly, the choice is dictated by elementary considerations of convenience, logic and common sense.Here it is necessary to consider the size of the window opening, the proximity to the stove (if this is the kitchen), the availability of free access to the canvas curtains.Furthermore, it is the presence of small children in the family.Press the different buttons and pull the free-hanging ropes - their favorite game.In this regard, it is necessary to consider carefully the control mechanism and the safety of the new curtains.Similarly, things and pets.

As you know, hang curtains on the ledge , which depends directly, as a decorative and functional issues.

Eaves are the most diverse, and may consist of two or three or more rows."Stick" or "string" are selected on the basis of a specific model of curtains.And then, and another is recommended to get in one salon (shop).In this case, you save yourself from unnecessary problems.The assembly and installation can be done independently, but in some severe cases, it is necessary to entrust it to professionals.

As fabrics for curtains , today there are so many of that is not enough for a month to view the entire proposed range.They may be natural or synthetic, dense, thin and completely transparent.The preference of a particular tissue depends on the taste and season.New apartment in comfort and keep the heat probably due to variations of thick cotton and linen.Feeling the cool breeze and the model will be presented in organza, silk, tulle or polyester.Ideally, curtains conventionally divided into "winter" and "summer."While, however, and "winter" version looks very elegant in combination with thin delicate fabrics.

It does not matter whether you decide to self-stitching curtains set or choose, saving time and effort, contact the experts - to decide, of course, you.The main thing that in any case, the end result brought a welcome joy and comfort in your home.