What made ​​your furniture ?

Variety of furniture is amazing.And if the tree species like something you can understand, the other materials of which now manufactures furniture, it can be difficult to navigate.But to know all the pros and cons of vending furniture needed.This depends on its strength, and methods of maintenance, and even health.

Fiberboard - or fibreboard

fiberboard many of us know as hardboard, which are made from the rear wall of the majority of cabinets and bottom drawers.Fibreboard is made from wood dust, wet-pressing method.While fiberboard has a high durability and a low price, but it has a small area of ​​application: despite the fact that the MDF is indispensable in the manufacture of furniture, a complete set of it, of course, do not.

chipboard - chipboard

CPD - the most common material for the manufacture of furniture, interior design and construction, for example, it makes the roof, walls etc .. particleboard made from sawdust and wood shavings impregnated formaldehyde resins.For kitchens and bat

hrooms, a special kind of particle board - with improved moisture resistance.

This material has good water resistance, durability and ease in handling, with a low price.Because of this chipboard is used for furniture manufacture and economy class most of office furniture.

But there chipboard and minuses.Thus, the material releases into the air a certain amount of formaldehyde, which is not very good for health.But do not just afraid!two kinds of particle board now developed: E1 and E2.E1 differs more environmentally clean, the indicator "release" of formaldehyde in her noticeably lower.But E2 may not be used in the manufacture of children's furniture.Most are considered to be environmentally friendly particleboard Austrian and German origin.Therefore, when buying furniture ask, what species belongs chipboard material from which made you your favorite furnishings.

CPD - laminated chipboard

It chipboard, lined film, which is made of ordinary paper and is impregnated with melamine resin.Due to such processing, DSP takes on a variety of colors and textures, for example, there is an imitation of the texture of natural wood.In addition, laminated chipboard has resistance to mechanical damage and thermal impact resistance (in other words - the hot coffee pot and pans).But there is a drawback - the inability to fine processing, so products made from this material is quite simple form.

MDF (the MDF) - in German - Medium Density Fiberboard

MDF is made of very fine sawdust, which are fastened together lignin (natural material), and paraffin.So MDF - clean material.This material lends itself to fine processing, which gives great possibilities in the manufacture of showy parts in furniture, for example, carved cabinets kitchen, ornate headboard - all MDF.MDF has all the advantages tree, but is much cheaper, and lasts longer.But, unfortunately, MDF - still quite expensive material, because its production is clearly does not meet the demand in Russia.

When choosing furniture note that the edge of any furniture to be processed plate protective edge.Most often used for this purpose PVC or ABS-edges.They enhance the appearance of furniture, moreover, such can not be injured by the edge.As for the difference between PVC and AB5-edge, the latest experts consider more environmentally friendly and resistant to mechanical stress.

Rules furniture care of different materials

- to furniture made of particleboard had a well-groomed appearance, enough time to wipe the dust periodically apply polish and spilled water or any other liquid immediately wipe.

- laminated chipboard can be cleaned with a damp cloth and avoid getting moisture in the joints of the furniture, and is recommended for care of furniture from this plate special polish for plastic.

- MDF can wash and process cleaners without any contraindications.But we need to make sure that as part of the cleaning agent does not contain chlorine!The glossy surface does not tolerate abrasive powders and brushes.For quality care enough money for any soap bases and polishes.