Paintings in the interior of your home

You want to diversify the interior of your home?This can be done in many ways, ranging from the repair, change of environment, and so on.But sometimes, a few strokes in the interior will change the atmosphere of the house so that you yourself will long wonder then.

So touch can become a picture.No, no, I'm not talking about rare or antique masterpieces with "Sotheby's".The interior is quite fit the picture amateur artist, or your own, if you know how to draw.Talented people are many, and if you ask the purpose, you can always select the artwork to suit your mood or taste.When choosing a picture, think about the fact that it will be constantly in front of your eyes.Always, from the very beginning to realize, in what kind of room you are going to place the purchased paintings.If you are afraid to take risks and fly yourself - address to experts designers.

But the picture in the house, but still not one!Such important elements of the interior are just "lost" if properly hang paintings.Conversely, even

the most simple sketch will look perfectly in place.There are some basic rules of placement of pictures, following which you will be able to show the painting in all its splendor.

- The most basic rule - do not hang pictures too high.Her middle should be at eye level, approximately one and a half meters from the floor.And in the living room, place it so that the cloth was even convenient to consider a seated person.And try another trick - hang a picture of a little below the level that have already chosen!

- If several paintings, you must consider how to group them.Just do not hang them on each side of the room - it will destroy the unity of the composition.Pictures of the same size can be hung in a horizontal line at an equal distance from each other, and the pictures of different sizes are arranged vertically, one above the other.But try not to hang them in order of increasing or decreasing size.paintings by the Group is well placed on the sofa width, over a low chest of drawers, desk.Next to the high furniture hang horizontal canvas.Then they effectively support the situation in the room will look like a single ensemble.And do not forget, the picture should be combined with each other in style.

Another safe way of grouping: one big picture in the center and several small around.You can do otherwise:. Small pictures in a row, and the majority - more right or left, at a distance of about 30 cm With two pictures of different sizes next horizontally, place a large-sized picture of a little higher, to a small image it easier to treat.

- Very often the picture is illuminated to make them look more impressive.But it is not necessary to install lighting in each painting, just good enough to illuminate the entire room.If you do decide to allocate a piece of art with light, direct light bulb on the picture and gently moving it, find the point from which the light will flow evenly without creating glare and shadows.To use the backlight, low-voltage halogen bulbs, they do not distort colors in the picture, and it perfectly illuminated.