Stand " Dary Lesa "

Outside the city, there is always at hand pieces of wood, from which you can do amazing things for the house.So, stand glued birch from Spili, will not only be a real gem of the kitchen, but also a wonderful gift for friends and relatives.

You will need:

• Stand of cut a tree

• three-ply paper napkins with drawings of fungi

• glue for decoupage or glue PVA

• nail acrylic colorless

scissors • Brush glue and varnish

• skin.


1. Determine the location of the decoration on the stand Spila.Décor so that the motives lying on bright areas Spila.

2. Identify the reasons that you have to cut.

3. Cut out the motifs along the contour.

4. Clean the surface of Spili using skins, making a circular motion.Remove dust from the soft cloth swab dipped in alcohol-containing liquid.

5. Prime the surface with a thin layer of colorless acrylic varnish.Remove risen wood fibers with fine sandpaper.

6. Apply to the base of the cut motive and apply glue to its central part, using a flat synt

hetic brush.Position the motifs so that they look as natural as possible.Let the picture on the stand resembles mushrooms, spread out on the stump in the nearby woods.

adhered small motifs complications usually arise.But if you are doing decoupage recently, it is better to apply the adhesive in excess, spread glue soaked motive, and then remove the excess glue semi-dry brush.

7. Consistently stick all motives, making the movement of the brush in the right direction.

8. Allow the glue to dry completely.

9. Once dry, apply adhesive to the surface supports a thin layer of colorless acrylic paint and let dry composition.

10. Repeat covering the right amount of time, fully prosushivaya each of the layers.In this case, only two or three layers of lacquer to retain the texture of wood.

If you intend to use a stand under the hot items for the topcoat is better to use oil or polyurethane varnish.In this case, after the decoupage sure to apply a protective layer of acrylic lacquer, dry it, and then later work with the selected composition.