Ideas for your garden

Spring chalet troubles begin, and those who have not completed or not get their country houses, there are additional concerns.I want to see the country and it was nice and cozy, but still it is desirable to do it inexpensively.

For those willing to spend a little effort and a stretch of the imagination, proposed the idea may seem interesting.For example, buying a defective ceramic tile, which is sold with a strong markdown (and can be selected initially very expensive and beautiful tile), you can make a very beautiful mosaic in the kitchen or in the shower - but you never know where it may be needed ?!

tile breaks into smaller pieces, and already have laid mosaic on the floor or wall.How do you lay out pattern - it is up to you, whether it is a picture or just a single color or multi-colored solution.The main thing - the right decision and choose the color of grout joints (it, by the way, need a bit more than conventional tiling).Grout can be, as in the basic tone pattern and contrast - it all depends

on your imagination.

the same way you can decorate and ceilings.Bought defective ceiling covering (nekonditsiya foam tiles), and then cut it any shape or pattern elements are premeditated for the ceiling.Pieces of painted tiles in shades of 3-4 and are glued to the ceiling.This method is good that the ceiling does not need any brush or dub - small elements are glued and stick to any surface.

can decorate and interior doors, for example, carpet remnants.First gets off the door jamb and the door itself can be covered with cloth, which you used for curtains.Carpeting on the jamb and the fabric can be fastened with nails with decorative caps, and you can simply paste.

And if you have the time and fantasy works, you can make small panels of the same material, which can then be placed at the door.And usually nothing unremarkable door becomes significant and original interior detail.

In the country usually meets diverse furniture that has served their term in our apartments.More durable and comfortable, it is often a different color and style.That it is not evident, and your interior acquired completeness and uniformity, the furniture can be just paint!

Preparation for painting the minimum: it is necessary to remove dust and degrease the surface with lacquer it is not necessary to remove.Painting - plain white glossy enamel, and a small vial of caramel.The two tanks enamel diluted with tinge of varying intensity.On the surface stains and shades are applied lightly pulverized foam sponge, with different parties give different sponge surface texture.

quickly grasp the paint and sponge produces aging effect.On the fresh paint match or toothpick can be applied patterns.Also on poluzasohshuyu paint can stick the pieces of tissue, which is present in the interior, leaves, beads.

Little effort, and environment and the comfort of your garden shed envy all the neighbors, and you yourself will be spending time in it with great pleasure!