Making children's room

your living conditions finally allow you to allocate your child a separate room.As far as he is happy, it is difficult to convey!He also receives a separate private space for games, activities, even to privacy, which is important not only for adults but also for children.You're right to equip and arrange the nursery so that finding it was happy and did not bring harm.


ceiling in the children's room is best to cover the lime plaster and decorate with stickers, toys or pictures, depending on the age of the child.Suspended ceilings and ceiling made of synthetic materials are collected a lot of dust, especially at the entry, and change them as a child sprouting too costly and time consuming.


to the wall to "breathe", use conventional paper wallpaper made from environmentally friendly materials.And instead of the synthetic glue is better to use ordinary paste.You can cover the walls instead of wallpaper is now popular cotton cover.The range of such materials is great, so that you will

always pick up something for your taste.


floor in the children's room should be warm and not slippery.For this perfect laminate, linoleum, cork flooring.It is important that the material was not treated with synthetic resins.If the child is not allergic to dust, in the children's room can be used carpeting with natural bristles.


windows in the baby's room should transmit light and retain heat.The most sensible thing to install windows, which have excellent heat and sound insulation.In addition, they do not need to paint, and warm, and a mosquito net will make the room available to insects and dust from the street.


Child psychologists say that color is very strongly influences the child's psyche, so the choice of colors in the interior of the room should be approached seriously.For large surfaces it is best to choose a light, discreet colors such as peach or ivory.These colors increase the performance and do not press on the child.But accessories and small items that adorn the room can be bright, saturated colors.For the little ones to choose pastel colors better to soothe and pacify.


lighting in the nursery should be soft and pleasant.Blinding light and sharp transitions can ruin a child vision.It is better to use shades of frosted glass, such as milky white.You can additionally use colored night lights and wall sconces in the shape of different animals or cartoon characters.Table lamp on the desktop of the child must be set so that the light fell from the side.A switch is located on the level of growth of the child.


choosing furniture, refuse from complex or delicate designs, from furniture with sharp corners.For the development of the child is good to pick up furniture that complemented swings, horizontal bars, a slide, that is, carries out also the function of the game.The sleeping area should be comfortable and of such size that the child can freely turn and mattress - moderately hard, so as not to ruin your posture.A well-designed workplace: the table must be stable, just above the elbow standing child.

From design a child's room, ask your child what he wants to see his room.Reach him to discuss and participate in the design and choice of materials and things.Consider his interests and not impose the grown children of their point of view - this will make the room a favorite place for your child.