Tray "Cats"

An ancient erased from the picture tray perfectly serve the country, if you do not regret the time and imagination to decorate it with decoupage technique.

figure and plot your next tray you can choose at will but in this paper we use napkins with the image of cats.

You will need:

• plastic tray;

• three-ply paper napkin with the image of cats;

• glue or decoupage glue PVA;

• Acrylic varnish colorless;

• Acrylic paint: dark brown, light brown, yellow;

• scissors;

• Brush glue, paint and varnish.


1. Determine the location of the decoration on the tray surface.

2. Identify the reasons that you have to cut.Cut out the motifs along the contour.

3. Degrease the surface to be decorated.

4. Prime the surface to be decorated layer of acrylic lacquer.

5. After drying lacquer carved motif take and attach it to the marked portion of the surface of the upper side.

6. Stick the motif, using decoupage glue.Such large motifs rather difficult to glue, so try to work quickly, abundantly

wetting adhesive motif.

7. Paint the background around the motif of light brown acrylic paint.Allow the paint to dry.

8. On top of brown paint, apply a horizontal band, a bit spaced, yellow acrylic paint.Allow the paint to dry.

9. Dial on a flat synthetic brush dark brown paint.Over yellow lines apply it strokes staggered from left to right.

10. The same apply paint strokes from top to bottom on the free areas of yellow lines.


11. After drying, apply 2-3 coats onto the surface of a colorless acrylic varnish.

Helpful Hints:

- To a very hard smooth surface of plastic compounds for decoupage went better before priming little treat sandpaper abrasive surface.

- You can mix the brown and yellow paint and perform strokes on top of the resulting braid.So it will look more voluminous.Apply a Smears from the edge in the same direction as the previous layer and brush.

- You can make the coating more resistant using transparent adhesive tape.Stick the tape over the topcoat.Carefully seal the edges of the film.