Set for garden "Garden of Dwarfs"

cottagers without gardening equipment can not do.But the workers and watering buckets especially not decorate, but, if you buy a tiny leechki, buckets and other garden tools, they can be turned into a real decoration for your garden.

You will need:

• leechka and metal bucket and a small wooden bench;

• ply paper napkins with pictures of flowers and animals;

• glue or decoupage glue PVA;

• Acrylic varnish colorless;

• acrylic paint white;

• scissors;

• Brush glue, paint and varnish.


1. Let us first project and preparing the decor and the basics.Determine the location of the decor on leechke, bucket and seat bench.

2. Identify the reasons that you have to cut.Cut out the motifs along the contour.Separate the top paint layer and the middle layer of the motives selected for leechki and buckets.

3. Clean the surface of the bench with the help of the skins.Remove dust from the soft cloth swab dipped in alcohol-containing liquid.

4. Prime the surface with a thin layer of colorless

acrylic varnish.Allow to dry.

5. Remove the risen wood fibers with fine sandpaper.

6. degrease leechki bucket and using a swab with alcohol-containing liquid.

7. Now for decorating the surface leechki and buckets.Apply to the selected portion of the surface of the selected leechki motive, but the paint layer and the removal of the middle.

8. Apply this layer on the surface, like an ordinary motive of the napkin.Allow the glue to dry.

9. Paint the surface-silhouette motif white acrylic paint and let the paint dry.You have made the so-called underpainting.

10. Over underpainting stick top layer of paint corresponding motive.

11. Apply the middle layer of the motif with a wreath of flowers on the selected location, and also do the underpainting.

12. Glue into place with a colorful wreath motif.

13. Just follow the decoration on the bucket.

14. Now for the design bench.Paint the sides of the legs and the ends of benches white acrylic paint.Make several layers.

15. On the seat benches paste chosen for decoration motifs.

16. Cover the decor layer of acrylic lacquer.

17. It remains to make the final finish.Paint the skirting on leechke bucket and white acrylic paint.Allow the paint to dry.

18. Follow topcoat 2-3 layers of colorless acrylic varnish.3. Allow to dry.

Helpful Hints:

- If you want to paste a few motifs cut out of napkins at each other, and thus the lower the darker motives than the top, be sure to follow the underpainting.So you make the top more vivid motifs.

- relate them to the size of objects to be decorated for selection of motifs.Good idea to create an ensemble, using motifs on one theme, but different sizes.Where the grounds a bit boring in color, pick up a napkin with drawings in the same style, but more vivid.