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now rarely seen interior of the living quarters and offices, devoid of pleasant green houseplants.This is understandable, because people understand that indoor plants not only provide comfort but also bring substantial benefit.Live

note, elegance, originality, bringing in a cozy house plants, revitalizes even the most simple and boring interior.But decorating the house plants, you need to remember a few rules that will help you not to make mistakes in the choice among a huge variety of colors.

Houseplants, even the most beautiful and beloved, to decorate, and do not clutter the space.Thus, even in the large living room is better to restrict several high fatigue, for example, Scheffler, Monstera, Ficus benjamina, which will serve as green partition separating the recreation area in the room.

And in a small living room is recommended to have a plant at different levels - on stands, shelves and on the floor - thus creating a pleasant wavelike effect.Diversity may be achieved by selecting a room for pla

nts with bright leaves, such as croton, ehmeyu, vrieziyu.

The bedroom will be appropriate such indoor plants, which create an atmosphere of intimacy, seclusion and serenity, as required for this room.Try to place medium-sized plants in the bedroom with a thin light aroma - pelargonium, lavender and others.

If in the design of your bedroom used the style "modern", then it is better to use phyto plants with sharp geometric lines, for example, neoregelia, Rhipsalis, tseropegiya.

And in a classic interior of a bedroom will look best krupnolistvennye plants, such as Ficus Elastica, ficus lyrata.It can be used for placement of plants and bedside tables, which are miniature plants as Fitton, kriptantus or blooming begonia and primrose will look particularly attractive.Moreover, a mirror, reflecting the richness and beauty of green flowering plants, will only reinforce the effect of their presence.

In work rooms, in the office, the library is not necessary to keep a lot of colors.To create the appropriate atmosphere is quite enough of one plant on the desktop, or on a stand next to him.

But if the room size allows, it is possible to identify in the study area for business conversations, apart armchairs, a small table, and separating them from the rest of the room tall plants, creating the effect of a tropical garden.It is only necessary to choose the right pots for potted plants that had never rushed bright colors and unusual shapes.Everything has to be restrained and stylish.

Houseplants are appropriate and in the kitchen.Choose a heat-loving plants: acalypha, ivy, Tradescantia or Chlorophytum, pick up them pots and planters in the style of your kitchen and you will see how comfortable the room was.By the way, for the kitchen fit lush ferns and rubber plants, which can be placed near the sink, as they are very hygrophilous.Take root in the kitchen, and fit perfectly into the interior of the room fruit plants -. Orange, mandarin, lemon, etc.

But in the hallway and the bathroom flowers can be found much less frequently.It is believed that there are drafts, insufficient light, and space too.But if you choose the right for this premises house plants, you will see how there will be more comfortable.For a small hallway or bathroom can be used hanging pots with moisture and shade-loving plants.You will suit different types of ferns, orchids, figs, pogonaterumy - ie, tropical plants.A hallway pick houseplants that tolerate low light conditions.You will approach aspidistra or tsissus.By the way, when you make a particularly dark areas of the corridor can be used a composition of dried flowers and artificial flowers.