Fluffy patchwork rug

Patchwork rug that is sure to come in handy in the country, can be made in different ways -. Of the triangle, braids, vyvyazyvaya crochet, etc. And you can make a rug the old, traditional way, for which patches of preparing in advance.To do this, the fabric cut into strips and each strip - into small rectangular pieces.Prepare the base as well as for the pad of the triangles (see. Article mat Triangle (needlework, patchwork)

then sewn onto the base prepared scraps, stitching every shred the middle and leaving free the raw edges. Unbent scraps to the edge and sew a second rowflaps. also sew the following rows, filling the entire surface of the substrate. the mat turns fluffy.

If we sew a round mat, the scraps to sew in circles, starting from the center, as well as mat of triangles. If our carpet square or rectangular shape, the rags sewn. in neat rows, starting from one of its sides

edges of patches in this mat remains untreated, and that the thread does not crumble, it is better to take cotton pla

in weave fabric - cotton or calico, and do not cut it, and burst, as it did in the old days. to do this, the flap define fractional thread on equity makes an incision with scissors, stepping back from the edge by a distance equal to the width of the strip, and holding hands on the edge of the cut, strong jerk tear the fabric.The resulting strip is divided into rectangles, not cut with scissors and tear.

edges of parts produced by a break, stretch a little and end next to a fluffy yarn, making the mat is very beautiful and prevents tissue sloughing.

Previously, if fluffy rag rugs sewn to put on a chair, then they were made round.

But often such mats placed on the floor and then sewed their different sizes and shapes, not only circular but also rectangular, square, or the strip track various composite solutions.

This is a very interesting technique of patchwork, which has a great artistic opportunity.In the old way, not only sewed mats, but also works great - blankets and bedspreads.One such old blankets kept in the museum-reserve Sergiev Posad.

Blankets and bedspreads or collected from a variety of different colored patches, creating a bright polychrome painting or patches relevant laid flowers conceived ornamental composition.

most skilful masters in this way created a patchwork whole picture.