Sugar " Tiffany "

old and tiresome crystal sugar bowl or vase for sweets sparkle with new colors and decoration of the table will, if you attach a little effort and imagination.

turn ordinary crystal stained glass in a snap - it uses stained glass painting technique.By working in this art, you must first perform a glass selected pattern contours with a special contour on the glass, which will, firstly, to prevent spreading of the paint, and secondly, to mimic metal partitions which are present in real stained glass.

If you know how to draw, then paint directly on the glass conceived plot, but if you do not know how, then pick the appropriate figure in books, magazines, albums.Then just put it under glass (or insert inside the vase, the ceiling) and draw its line circuit.The circuit should be applied is closed, otherwise the paint will flow into the available slot.Dries circuit for 40 minutes, then you can start painting.

Stained glass paints is very fluid, so after work with one color well Wash brush and only then sta

rt painting in a different color.Paint the inside of the circuit, just short of the edges - the paint itself dotechet to them.JAFI stained paint within 4 hours, but it is better to dry for a longer time.Stained glass paint is very resistant, but their properties they acquire no right, gradually crystallizing within five days.After that, the product can be used, even dishwasher safe.

Stained glass is a certain roughness.In these stained glass windows are practically no filigree patterns, but a lot of conventional and geometric themes, so do not try to draw a very "elegant", for the basics of stained glass is better to select a number of geometric shapes or a mosaic of hand.

Interestingly, the stained glass technique looks at the crystal other than on the product of ordinary glass, as in the case enters a special relief and glitter of crystal.

you need:

• Crystal sugar bowl;

• multicolored stained glass paint;

• gold contour glass;

• gold acrylic paint;

• thin brush.


1. Using a gold loop, gently circle the necessary elements faceted sugar.Dry the circuit for 40 minutes.

2. With the stained glass colors paint the different colors of all defined contours fragments.Dry paint for 4 hours.

3. «gilding" metal handle sugar gold acrylic paint.

Helpful Hints:

- contours of parts cut very carefully, because you are not dealing with the plane, and with the volume.Contours of these elements more difficult.

- If you use a lot of colors at the same time, your job is to get the most vivid, if you combine them on the principle of contrast: red is better positioned next to a green, yellow - blue, orange - purple, etc.

-..If the crystal thing is small and elegant, use a nozzle for applying a thin circuit.

- For decoration of crystal is better not to use colored contours, and only gold, silver or copper.

- Old chandelier-cascade with faceted "under the crystal" pendants can also paint according to this method.