About old things and a bit of happiness

Things, as experts assure, zastaivayas in one place, "accumulate" in the Statement about quarrels, bad mood, and themselves begin to "radiate" dullness.Therefore, to improve the atmosphere in the house and finding happiness in life and love should be to bring order to the world of your belongings.

good rule - every Saturday, for example, throw a dozen unnecessary items.Most of us are hanging in the closet things that will never again be put on the host.They also create a traffic jam during the energy slowly "suck" your strength and positive emotions.Reliably documented cases when the couple quarreled or hurt as long as the junk cleared the bottom of the sofa, which was asleep.

Exemption from old things can become a symbol of parting with the past is needed before you start up with someone new relationship.In addition, such an act - a sign of confidence in the future, as you demonstrate the belief that you can buy new clothes when you'll need it.General cleaning of the house gives a delightful sense of


think about the reconstruction of your home, remember that it is not the absence of crystal balls, and no kitchen in the "wrong place" in the first place, prevents to live, and a mess.If you are looking for a new friend, and dream about the changes in your life, you will, for a start, it should put an end to the chaos in the house.

Do not think that getting rid of old things, if you hid them in the basement, closet or in the attic - they will not go out of your life and will "clog" the subconscious, to continue to act on the nerves.Besides junk, immediately dispose of the items that you do not like, cause unpleasant memories or associations.

If you want to end my loneliness, look at the home environment - most likely, you will see a lot of single items.Your task - to generate a "steam" energy.Use double candlesticks, paired portraits and soft, romantic scenery in the bedroom and in the area corresponding to the area of ​​relationships.

Keep your living space is well repaired.Remember, good attracts good, harmony in one creates harmony in the other, like attracts like.

Clean bins away from areas of your health and wealth.

Do not be aggressive angles - angles walls, closets, ceilings, which seem to aim at the place where you sit, sleep or work.

Well, if you follow as closely as possible the requirements of Feng Shui, create more brilliance in the apartment - from crystal items increase vitality and improve any area of ​​your apartment.If you want to spice up a love relationship, place the crystal in the bedroom, a place for close contact.

Like bells, the purpose of which - to attract positive energy.Hang the bell at the front door, in the kitchen, near the toilet ...

floors in the rooms, including the bathroom, made to cover the carpets.Energy properties of the carpet depends largely on its shape.Round rugs symbolize peace and spirituality.They are best put on the floor in the bedroom, living room, dining room, where should prevail calm environment.

Square and rectangular rugs and carpets are connected with material, intellectual and technological spheres.They are suitable for classrooms, offices, libraries, hallways and stairwells.

Oval rugs have universal energy, and therefore always be the place.Do not put carpet on the floor is not washed - settles under it all accumulated in the room negative energy.Before vacuuming rugs, sprinkle on them Scatter herbs and salt.It also neutralizes negative energy.

Some modern apartments sometimes resemble ethnographic museums: there are Russian houses of straw and rags, and African masks, and Egyptian dishes, and oriental trinkets.A mirror hung in accordance with Feng Shui ...

Poor Yin and Yang do not know where to go to them in such a house.When mastering the art of feng shui should not forget the golden rule of the ancient thinkers - all is good in moderation.Do not rush to turn everything in the house upside down, change something and watch the result, then move on.

Nothing good will come if you overdo it with mirrors, figurines, crystal balls, fragrances, etc.Do not follow fads and do not fill the house items in the Oriental style, if someone from the household it abhorrent or even they do not meet the conditions.

Elements of Feng Shui can be present in the house quietly, so as not to look like a foreign body, absurd and does not cause you emotional discomfort.Too fascinated by artificial heaps in everyday life and feelings, you can not see important changes that happen to you dear people.

always unattainable ideal, but it should be his desire, and then even small favorable changes may be enough to fulfill your greatest desires.