Feng Shui and doors of your home

Location and proportions of the doors in the house are of great importance to many people.The reason for this is that the energy of the room depends on the location of the door.In many countries, moreover, to decorate the front door designs, patterns, thread.The door may be present thread motifs of flowers, animals, leaves and birds that bring good luck.

In India it is believed that if the door height is equal to its width, then the house will prevail peace and quiet.And if the door height is 1.25 greater than the width, then the house will come and the power of abundance.Door height, width exceeding 1.5, the house will let happiness and joy, and the door, the height of which is 1.75 times greater than its width, attracts wealth.If the height is twice the width, it is beneficial in all respects.A most ideal ratio when height is greater than twice the width.

door should freely and easily opened and hinged to hang smooth and straight.For it should not be any obstacles, otherwise it is, according to the

teachings of Feng Shui, can lead to tragic events.The door should be closed tightly, and do not miss drafts.If your home has at least one door that opens by itself, sooner or later you may find yourself in poverty.If the door opening is accompanied by a melodic sound, it is considered a good sign, at the time, as the sharp sounds shrill, unpleasant can bring into the house of trouble.

doors of different houses and apartments should not be placed in front of each other - the air flow and the cosmic energy can create in such a case, an atmosphere of tension between neighbors, which will lead to conflicts, quarrels and constant hostility.

Interior doors in the house or in the apartment, too, should not be placed opposite each other.It is better to remove one of the doors, making the arch, while energy flows will act on the inhabitants of the house positively.

front door of all the doors in the house should be the biggest.It should never be placed in the center of the wall - it is believed that the house with the door may be conflict and misery.Better if it will be off-center close to the north-east corner.If you live in a separate house, the front door facing south or west, it is better to do at ground level, and to the door, leaving the north or north-east, to make good steps.

If the front door opens onto a staircase inside your apartment, the negative energy rushes through the heart of your home.In this case, set between the door and the staircase plant Hang a bright lamp, bell, or set the screen.