Feng shui rules for bedrooms

about Chinese art of feng shui is known to many, in fact, know firsthand, and try to use the advice of feng shui in your home device.To arrange a bedroom on Feng Shui, you need to follow some rules.

first rule of feng shui says, the marriage bed should be be permanent, stationary.Even if you sleep on the couch, do not put it every day - thus disturbed the harmonious circulation of life-giving energy of chi.

Positioning bed is necessary so that lying on it, you can see everyone who enters the room.It is believed that otherwise both spouses will be unable to control their family life.

Do not put the bed directly opposite the door, as well as the head or feet to the window.In this case, your life together will be too restless and vain.

If the size and location of your room does not allow you to set the bed in the "right" place, do not despair.In this case, hang up between him and the door screen or place a large potted plant.Such assistants instantly transform negative energy into positive, what will s

ave you from a variety of experiences.

How should look Shui bed dryer itself?In the conjugal bed must certainly be back.It protects us from the negative foreign energy, and therefore to the choice of its form must be approached very thoroughly.

Chinese feng shui masters recommend a semi-circular and oval backs - because of their intimate life of the spouses becomes a rich and diverse, and besides, they are a beneficial effect on the family budget.

Bed with a rectangular and a sufficiently high backrest carries the energy of the Tree, which is perfectly suited to newlyweds.As for sex - that in this area of ​​marital relations will back such a large proportion of romance and sensuality.

But what bed you would choose, remember that you need to strive for simplicity, giving preference flattened corners and soft forms.Then complain about the problems in his personal life does not have to.

Of course, not only bed makes a "weather house".Soft curtains and draperies not only create a romantic mood, but also protect the rest of your family.But the blinds for the bedroom absolutely not suitable: their planes like "cut" the space and people inside, which may lead to a deterioration in the health of the spouses and the cooling of relations.

Try not to clutter the bedroom furniture and arrange it so that the sharp corners of cabinets and stands (the so-called "secret arrows") were not sent to your bed.

ceiling in the bedroom should not be too low, and mirrored ceilings and all are harmful - they can lead to a change and separation.