Boxes for storage .

restore order in the house, all housewives usually complain that many little things just nowhere to go.The storage location for many things, or lack of such, can turn into a real headache.Old photographs, documents, maps, games, commemorative postcards and letters, clippings from magazines, toiletries and stationery, CDs, cassettes - the list can be a lot.

Places in closets usually lacks all of the hosts.And, although the cabinets and shelves partially solve this problem, but small objects must be combined in appearance and, at the same time, stored separately from the others to avoid chaos.

very useful for storing all of the cartons of various sizes and shapes.These cardboard boxes, pasted with paper or cloth, make the storage of things more pleasant to look at and solve many of the problems, and, in addition, when cleaning they can simply vacuum.

For this purpose, suitable cardboard box from under the shoe, hat boxes, boxes of chocolate and stationery.From such a variety of shapes and sizes, you ca

n create sets of boxes that look much more beautiful than some isolated boxes, and are easier to conveniently place on open shelves.

And if you have saved large cardboard boxes - those in which the purchased electrical appliances or sports equipment, which are delivered from the shops goods - they are very useful for storing bulky items of clothing, Christmas decorations, seasonal clothing and important documents.

small needlework skills will help you make the conventional cardboard box beautiful interior details and solve problems with the storage of small items.

For small gizmos quite amiss shoeboxes.Choose the rigid boxes of the same size, so they were set exactly one upon the other, or expand one ready box and its lid and cutting the exact same 2-mm cardboard.According to the fold lines on all four sides make a notch to help wrap one side of the box, seal the edges with duct tape and get a good strong box.To be able to look in the box, without lifting the lid, make on one side window, having stuck his transparent cellophane.

To paste over the box, you will need: brush width 2.5 cm, PVA glue and fabric.It would be better if you will pick up for a set of boxes of tissue, suitable to each other in pattern and color, then set the boxes will look very elegant.

Wallpapers cover

box cutting fabric detail on the size of the width and length of the lid, add twice the width of the sides and add another 1 centimeter.Thus, the lid 30 x 20 cm with a width of 2.5 cm sides need tissue 30 + 5 + 20 + 1 x 5 + 1 cm, in other words 36 x 26 cm

-. Apply a thin layer of glue on the lid andput it in the middle of the tissue parts.Carefully flatten the fabric hand.Now apply glue along the long sides of the lid, wrap the fabric on the sides and flatten it.Wrap one short side of the fabric parts on the short side and connect the parties together at one corner.Cut away the excess fabric at a distance of 1 cm from the corner.Repeat this step on the other side of the corner.

- Apply glue to the short side of the cover and push the flaps of the long sides.Slightly seal the top of the valve, tuck the flaps inside the other and push the whole side down.Repeat for the other end.

papered box

- Apply glue to the inner surface of the cover of the long sides and 1 cm from the inside of the lid.Crimp the long sides from the inside.Apply glue to the ends and push them to the fabric.To put the lid on the liner, measure it around the inside perimeter and carve out the fabric to these dimensions.

- carve out a tissue piece of length equal to the perimeter of the box plus 2 cm and a width equal to the height of the sides of the box, plus 3 cm Apply a thin layer of glue on the four sides of the box..Keep tissue detail exactly to the overlying edge of the fabric were the same top and bottom, and start to glue fabric detail on the short side, departing 1 cm from the corner of the box.

Then go to the next side, and then the remaining one side of the box, straightening and smoothing the fabric bubbles on it as its adhesion.At the last corner, cut the excess fabric so as to slice coincides with the angle of the box, and glue it in place.

- Make every corner of a narrow slit in the fabric and cut the resulting piece.The groove should be about 2 mm.Apply glue to the inside of the sides and glue them cloth, closing up her well in the corners, and aligning the upper edge of the box.

Give the box to dry and use for storage of necessary details or a gift pack.This handcraft quite simple, you can do them with your children.