all the time leaning towards her, he said something.She, throwing back his head, laughing softly and exciting, occasionally looking up at him glowing, enthusiastic eyes.

few passengers trains evening, listening to Happy laughing woman in love can not help smiling.The couple produced a good impression at all - both the young and pretty.Across from them, across the aisle, slim girl sitting 14-15 years.It's a little enviously looked at the lovers.

After some time, the man paused, staring at the dark window, and then began to slowly scrutinize present in the car.His bored gaze on adolescent girls.

- But some bad luck on a "punt" few who covet ... - He spoke harshly and coldly, throwing innocent girl, hurtful, insulting words.

On the face girly initially appeared surprised, then frightened, she gingerly pressed her legs.From his arrogance, her eyes filled with tears.She had no words to give a fitting rebuff to the offender, to resist men faux pas.And he, seeing her weakness, feeling his superiority over

the defenseless, minced no words.With disconcerting aggressiveness, in a mocking manner, he pointed to a young girl of her age only disadvantages.

His companion listened to all this in silence.The behavior of men did not bother her, and a pretty face does not express any emotions.Perhaps blinded by love, she did not realize that at this point guided him.

His desire to humiliate meant to make up for past wrongs, to assert themselves at the expense of the weak.For such behavior hidden complexes that it necessarily will be cultivated and loved one.It will not be much time over his love, to change the attitude to it, and it will humiliate and insult have it now.

tirade finished, the man turned to his girlfriend, hugging, pulled her to him.She smiled at him approvingly and kissed on the cheek, and then confidently put her head on his shoulder.A few minutes later they were kissing passionately again.