"Internet scammers "

lonely people a lot, but, accustomed to loneliness, people still do not lose hope to meet your soul mate.He is looking for friends everywhere, and the Internet, too.Good or bad, let them decide experts.About how deceived his feelings people fall in love at a distance, talking and negotiation.But, nevertheless, it is still on the dating sites and chat rooms, thousands of people come every day hoping to find a single or single.And in fact, there are examples of happy relationships, which is fastened to the Internet.

only question now goes on virtual novels.Fraudsters of all kinds now divorced so that the Internet can not hide from them.And no-no, but fall for the bait scams people are trusting and friendly.Well, how else do if suddenly your new virtual friend, it is a nice and interesting person, suddenly he tells the tragic story of any financial difficulties that prevent him to continue communicating with you as he very much regrets.

All in all, it is necessary to recharge the telephone or the Interne

t, and then all will be well again.Moreover, the borrowed amount, he will return at the first opportunity.However, if you are not wanting to interrupt the pleasant communication will have the required financial aid, do not be surprised if more of his "pleasant" companion never meet.Or, meet, just do not know by another name.Yes, the amount is usually small, just because you have a rogue not alone trusting ...

You'll have to fork out, and if all of a sudden you want to continue the relationship in real life, kindled warm feelings for a new friend or girlfriend.He or she is ready to immediately go to you, but there is no money for the trip, and, alas, it is not clear whether or not at all.And here you are already anticipating the long-awaited meeting, pay the ticket, but for a long time and waiting in vain - to you so no one arrives ...

There are many ways of defrauding money and scams fantasy is simply amazing: there are stories about serious illnesses,almost criminal about situations in which you play the role of savior of almost life.And everything is done so convincingly that it is difficult to doubt, especially if you have been to this nice and interesting to talk so that you are grateful for what you have found a true friend or a girlfriend.

and is sorry not only lost money, but also deceived trust.It's unpleasant to feel a simpleton, even more unpleasant to lose faith in people.My friend almost a year to expel expensive drugs and money for medical treatment for his girlfriend, whom he met in a chat until quite accidentally discovered that the same thing does another visitor to the same chat.Compared the addresses received the letter and realized that they both help to one and the same person.

began to understand, and eventually found out that their "sick and unhappy friend" - a healthy young guy that does not work anywhere.The drugs he was selling, and money, in addition to these two unsuspecting women, he sends a few more people.

visit each of my friend, visiting Moscow, supposedly lost (or stolen from her) purse and took a decent amount on the return journey with an oath to return immediately on arrival.There was no reason to doubt, because progostiv couple of weeks, a virtual girlfriend, became quite real, though, and lived entirely from the host country - so in fact the money was stolen!But when he came to an enormous telephone bill, including international, it became clear that most of it no one will ever hear.

The Internet, as in life, there are all sorts of people: if you are honest and kind, there are liars and crooks.And just as in life, you should try to find out with whom you are dealing.Do not be gullible, do not rush to comply with all requests and try to find out - whether man needs your help.Make it not so difficult: the fraudsters do not spend a lot of time on the persuasion and belief, and if the victim is not questioned, and on occasion, choose from the following, good, a lot of people on the web!