Christmas wreaths .Decorate the house with his own hands .

Holidays everyone loves - it's no secret!And the New Year and Christmas is not so long to wait!Preparation begins well in advance.Decorate the house, dress up and put tree.Even the process of preparing for the holiday can turn into a holiday, if you figure out how to decorate your house with your own hands and prefer to use this as a family.The hands can be done and the Christmas and New Year's gifts - they are original and unusual, and, most importantly, will bring a lot of joy to your friends and family because you invest your imagination in them.

decorate your apartment wreath with pine cones done it quite simply.From hardboard or strong cardboard cut out a ring with a diameter of 20 cm and 8 cm wide. On the ring stick foam roller, which wrap a strip of yellowish burlap.Fabric secure a needle and thread by hand or stick with white glue.Burlap wrap silk cord.And then decorate as you like: pine cones, Christmas balls, ribbons and hearts.Between the decorations on burlap can be glued pieces of foil,

gold sequins, beads.On the reverse side, attach the loop of the cord to the wreath can be hung.

«Golden crown» made of tinsel.First gold tinsel wrapped branch, imitating needles.Wire-ring is mounted on the fork in the branches and too broad tinsel wrapped simulating needles.Bottom hung on the ring gold, brown and dark brown balls.Golden small balls attached and branch.And if braid branch bright Christmas and ring beads, the vein will become very smart.

Wreath «wheel» - dried pine big paw, which can take the form of, steeping branch and placed it in a bowl the right diameter to dry.Then fasten the wheel, sew on a branch of fir cones and stars stick.The inside of the wreath consists of two parts - a plastic ring, covered with a white silk cloth and a circle of cardboard pasted over the blue matting.On the white ring pasted blue lace with flowers and gold cord.And the blue matting sewn gold and blue stars and a bow with a golden ball.Both parts are strengthened and firmly strapped to the wheel of the branch wire.

A beautiful candleholder will decorate the holiday table.The base of the candlestick - a wreath of twigs.It secured the gold balls, artificial fruit, a big red balloon, figure of Santa Claus.Little Christmas candle wreath mounted between the bars.They inserted the gold and red candle.

Wreaths and candleholder can be decorated differently - certainly in the house have interesting or amusing toy figurines.And if they are with you and try to come up with your kids, the beautiful ornaments will be even more colorful.

Try it, it is a snap!