Codes "E" on the products - what do they mean ?

example, the code "E" means food products presence of various additives in their food.Moreover, many of these additives can harm our body.So do not just look at the shelf-life products and composition, but also be able to decipher the codes to protect themselves and their loved ones from dangerous additives.

E100-199 - dyes

Unfortunately, the dyes are present in many foods, while particularly harmful red and yellow dyes.They can cause allergic reactions - urticaria.This, for example, tartrazine - E102, carmine - E120.These dyes are used in confectionery, ice cream, carbonated drinks.

is also not recommended to buy the products with the additive E124.It triggers asthma attacks.And under codes E171-173 dyes can lead to diseases of the liver and kidneys.

E200-299 - preservatives

especially should avoid products with codes E250 and E251.This nitrite and sodium nitrate - poisonous toxic substances.Unfortunately, these preservatives are still used in the production.For example, they give the smoked

sausages and their appetizing pink-red color.

nitrite and sodium nitrate have a carcinogenic effect on the human body, so can cause cancer, not to mention allergies, headaches and hepatic colic.But it is possible to reduce the harmfulness of the action of nitrite and sodium nitrate, and provide them with the maximum withdrawal from the body.To do this, you need to eat sausage with vegetables.

preservatives E230, E231 and E232, which are used in the processing of fruit (thanks to them for months the fruit does not deteriorate) and added to canned foods, are none other than the phenol, which is getting into our bodies in small doses, provokes cancer,large - it is pure poison.Furthermore, E231 and E232 are harmful to the skin.E270 - Lactic acid - is dangerous for children and for people with lactose deficiency.

E300-399 - antioxidants

Such additives regulate oxidation processes in the products, protect them from the color change.Action effect of antioxidants like preservatives.It should be noted that people suffering from asthma or prone to allergies in general can not be used EZP additives, E320 and E321.The last two are part of some chewing gums.A EZN there in yogurt, dairy products, sausages, butter, chocolate.A harmful additive E320 by the fact that increases cholesterol in the body.