The new bill

What has changed in the bill compared to the previous?How to distinguish it from the false?What if you found a counterfeit bill at?

Coat of arms on the new bill has changed color and bought a moving strip.Coat of arms of Yaroslavl from crimson to green.In addition, if you look at the coat of arms at a right angle, you can see a shiny horizontal bar.It is important to know that this bill, as opposed to false, when tilted, this band moves up and down.

Added watermark.On the bill already has a watermark - a portrait of Prince Yaroslav the Wise.He supplemented the number "1000".This watermark is superimposed on a portrait from the back of the head and has a lighter areas compared with the basic watermark and the paper itself.A new watermark can be seen in the lumen.

Colored stripes on the new bill became difficult.While on a solid green color when tilted field and on the same bill were visible colored stripes, but now they look like a continuation of colored bands observed continuously for a dark area in

the lower part of the field, and under ultraviolet light, these bands also change color.

All graphic elements on the new bill are unchanged.If you take a magnifying glass and look at the building, the picture to the right of the chapel on the front side of the banknote, you can see that it consists of different graphic elements.Including from "1000" numbers and words "Yaroslavl".

There was a picture on the security thread.On the front side of the banknote on the thread can be seen figure window.When tilting the bill in its manifest or recurring number "1000" or iridescent sheen.On the reverse side of the note on the thread visible recurring number "1000" separated by a rhombus.If you look at the bill up to the light, and the number of diamonds will light on a dark background.

There was another element of relief.This subtle touches around the edges of the banknote.In addition to them increased prominence has the text "TICKET BANK OF RUSSIA" and the sign for the visually impaired.

microperforations on the new bill is not changed, and when considering the bill against the light under the arms you can see the number "1000", made in the form of pinholes.As an old bill, they will not be felt.

On the new bill appeared on the text ornamental ribbon.The top and bottom of the ornamental tape on the obverse of the banknote are located with microtext string - repeating number "1000".

If you suddenly find yourself in a counterfeit bill, get rid of it immediately - tear or hand over to the police.For the use of such bills as payment for goods or services the law provides for criminal liability - imprisonment from 5 to 8 years.However, according to a recent decision of the Russian Supreme Court, the punishment threatened only if the investigation proves that the accused knew that the use of a counterfeit bill.

So, be careful!