Abortive date

heartbreaking zapilikal Service.Slamming on it with all my might, I could hardly opened her eyes.At eight in the morning hours.Heck!Who came up with these Mondays ?!Because we all know that there is no desire to stomp on the job after a stormy weekend.But nothing to do, have to get up.

Hastily traditional drinking a cup of coffee, I rushed to the mirror - so to speak, the final touches.Strict skirt with a white blouse sat perfectly, emphasizing profitable slender figure.Touch up eyes and lips shine maznuv, I grabbed her purse and ran out of the apartment.Voiced sound of heels echoing fun in the stairwells.The machine, standing at the door, greeted me cheerfully, winking lights, as soon as I click on the car key fob.Sitting comfortably in a chair and turning his favorite song, "Girl in the little Peugeot," I have no adventure to get to work.

The office already smell of black coffee.

- Face!You, as always late, - instead of greeting reached my colleague Olga, and concurrently also the girlfriend.

- Well, I would not be me if I come to work on time, - I replied cheerfully and flew off to his office.

Sadly looking around the room, I sat down at the table.Monotonous office furniture does not gives me no desire to get to work.Okay, first went online, read the news, communicate in "ICQ" and "Classmates", and then the work is not a sin.

hour later, I still found the strength to break away from the monitor and start phoning potential customers.How disgusting, to make people see the presentation of our goods!In a crisis, many a loaf of bread can not afford, and now elite consumer electronics, which is supported almost like a foreign car.Oh, I feel today, at least once, so send me to hell!

driven away depressing thoughts, I still start to work.Having probably two dozen fruitless calls, I wearily leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes.But at this point a phone call shamelessly broke the silence and peace of the cabinet.Looking at the caller ID, I had to smile - my phone rang fan.

Somehow, gaining potential customer number, I heard a pleasant male voice.Soft, with a fascinating hoarse, he enveloped me, making listening and listening.I seemed to get into the enchanted world where there is nothing but voice, whisper, breathing ... Apparently, my voice too, did not leave indifferent the interlocutor, and the last two weeks, he calls me almost every day.By the way, the owner of such an unusual timbre name Alexander.Smiling, I reached for the phone.

- Hello, I'm listening.

- Lika, how cool that I finally got through to you, - was heard at the other end.- Forever you occupied.

- And what to do?I work tirelessly, in the truest sense of the word.You know, very hard all day to keep the phone at the ear, - smiling, I said.

- That's why I'm calling - there was silence for a few seconds - I want you to put to rest a little.How about dinner?

some time I arrived in confusion.Painfully I want to personally admire the owner so compelling voice, but ... But purely feminine curiosity got up, and I said:

- Well, when?- Uttering these words, I still could not believe what it says.Someone pulled me by the tongue?It seems, I have never been an adventuress.

- today - did not put off meeting my companion, - six o'clock suit you?

Deciding that the last word should remain still for me, I replied:

- I will be more convenient to seven.

- Excellent, as you say, dear lady - cheerful notes in his voice betrayed a note of Alexander - where to meet?

- I work in the center, next to a park, near the "Olympia" hotel offer there.On a bench near the fountain.

- Face ... beautiful name - a dreamy man's voice said.- See you, Face.I'll wait.At seven.Do not forget!

The handset beeps were heard.Ha!Clear!I decided to quickly end the conversation until I change my mind.

For the rest of the day I spent in a light agitation, periodically running to the mirror and meticulously examining his reflection.And every time, did not forget to praise yourself for what it is today picked up a suit, perfectly accentuating the smooth curves of my body, and my high heels added grace and femininity.

Ten minutes before the scheduled meeting, I left the office, and, slowly, walked toward the park.At that time there was no one sweltering heat, which usually makes itself felt in the afternoon in mid-July.The breeze ruffled my hair, and I walked toward the unknown, wondering if the person will, whose voice makes my heart pounding faster, balding old man with a beer belly;or still appear before my eyes a handsome man, a brutal macho?As is known, the second type is the most dangerous for the female individuals.At least the fact that breaks into our lives, causing lose a head from one only passionate glance or a light touch hands.And all flies to hell: friends, family, parents.It remains only to OH - on the pedestal of love and passion, which has in its collection more than a dozen of broken female hearts."Look, dreaming!- I thought suddenly.- And if it be any sooner ripe kid?The Beggar Student, just dreaming to settle down and live a wealthy woman relish? ยป

Approaching the conditional place, I noticed a respectable man of thirty-five.He sat on a bench near the fountain with a bouquet of white lilies and undoubtedly someone waited nervously glancing at the clock.I slowed down and began to furtively looking at a stranger.Handsome man, clearly knows his own worth.Of these, he usually say - the Kings of life.Elegant suit, highly polished shoes.In every movement I feel confident and masculine strength.If it turned out to be a student, it would be easy.And then sort of the conqueror-tamer, right bullfighter.Oh, expect trouble!Divorce ... child grows up without a father ... ... gossip mother tears ... God knows that ... That something had fallen on my head!

Our eyes met.In my mind flashed the words of the song, which was recently heard on the radio - "I got, got, got to love ... In your eyes magnet magnet on your lips ..." Man, just raised an eyebrow, and interested smile lit up his face.

I'm ashamed of his thoughts and desires passionately engulfed my body, became intensely thinking about her husband and little daughter, who were waiting for me at home.Shame and a sense of their own depravity gnawing inside me.Downcast eyes, to hide their sadness and grief, I quickened her pace and passed, feeling like the owner of unearthly voices piercing looks after me.

goes farther from the man-dreams, I thought that maybe, someday, in another life ... Now I only hope left.