The old woman ( " PePeeR " )

In one of the windows of the first floor creaked ventilator, and was thrown out of her large white cat.Surely landing on four paws, a cat porysil to the house across the street.Two old women with string bags watched the cat.

- migratory nightingale, then pine, spruce it on, - said one.

- Yes it from my cat profit - said the second.- The other day in the market with the woman next door white Kotenkov traded.And so Nitsche, dismantled.

- Close is not reached?And that one's, as they say: for good - thanks, and paid the price for sin.She went over to a percentage, and have a child support you!

old ladies giggled and turned in your yard.Red chetyrёhetazhka two entrances, poplar under the same sky, the yellow bench between them, the construction of the piece of iron on the playground - all were bathed in sunny grace and expects a good day.

Starushki built a shopping bags on the bench.

- Nets zanesёm, but again leave?We walk, while a bucket.You see how it is now - the end of October, and all the Indian s


- That's the old woman autumn!- And both became funny again.

- Come on, Nyur, shibche go, I'll be waiting for you.

- Yes, if only I did not have to be bored here.I was younger, and turn around soon.

- Your floor below.But over the years you are older than me.

- You know what else?

- Well, the year before the year of the seventeenth Kohl buried, Nina said that he was then seventy-two became equal, and you said, well, it turns out you're the same age with him;and then I was not seventy.

- For me the spring, therefore, will be seventy-five?- Nura surprised herself.

- Now I do not know.Maybe you and then what confused, and you are not the first year of the seventy-two-was?

- Dumpty more witch!Walk ahead, yes Vertan, nothing eh so cleared up for us.

When they returned to the bench under the poplar trees, she was busy with overweight man;at his feet sat a small black doggie, also very well-fed.

- Oh, Nura, Anna!- Happy man and neighbors began to rise to meet them.- What just happened!So funny!Sit down already, I will tell!

- Healthy whether Pasha.Well, tell me about your circus.

- And you do not fall ill, babonki.And that's such a circus was: are we going to Charlick over here, to the bench, and the past - a young lady on Charlick seems to me and says, "That you Pinscher?Girl?This is your plump, probably waiting for the puppies?I would have bought a puppy. "Oh, I laughed, babonki!The same, I say, my Charlick pregnant like me!We say to him, thick old males!The young lady laughed, just do not go to the circus!

old woman clasping her hands, had a good laugh.

- Oh, there's Tasia window flickers, - wiping his eyes with his sleeve, he nodded toward the Nura house.- Right now pop up on the noise some.

- Goodbye, trough, I went for a walk, - said Anna.Pasha pulled pesy leash:

- Walk we Charlick.Tasia so loud squeals that stings the eyes - Pasha nodded neighbors and went to court.Thick solid Charlick transship carcass on the curves of the legs after the master.Melteshaschaya Tasia not long in coming.

- What is Chumadanov you laugh then?- Voice Tasi was really shrill.

- Healthy whether, Tasia, - said Anna.

- Oh, hello too, hello, just can not be with you without it!About what, I ask, then Chumadanov laughing?And you, too, like the girls, podhihikali even improper for you to become!After all in the mind of my eyes!

- You have a window guard, Tas - Nura said.- Bdish day and night.I came out to the street, so she listened to the Pasha.

- Not all the sun that in the window;go out into the street - more you see, - advised Anya.

- What are you all nationalities sypesh!- Tasia enraged for evermore.- I too can talk prislovitsami!I ask, what is there to Chumadanov flirting with you!

- Jealous, Tas, Ali jealous?- Anya asked sympathetically.

- Marry want to hurt her, - said Nura for Tasyu.She pursed her lips, blushed and waved his hand and went almost ran away.

- And really stings the eyes, - complained Anna, and both laughed.

wean students changed in the courtyard of the young mothers who it was time to feed the Little Ones and put on naps.Near Ani sat with Nura is another neighbor, Irene Egorovna.

- wean, Egorevna?Healthy either.

- Hello to you.I unlearning the lessons and the teachers' council Truant, which I have not heard for forty years.

- cause, then your Mitya to the director of your absences.

- By the headmistress - clarified Egorovna and neighbors laughed.

- How's young husband allows more work to retirement?He has time to cook borscht?

- Today it is my place to lunch waiting, I told him first of our marriage prepared.

- And it was necessary not to cook borscht and cowards wear lace, then, before you know it, would not have left, and the second marriage would not have to spend money - Nura said.- Right now, then at least in lace?Mistakes of youth does not happen again?- He continued to mentor, and all three laughed.

- Oh, Nyur, in the morning we'll laugh, we cry soon.

- Wipe out swayed again.That's right now by Taci and cry.

Tasia was indeed back in the backyard.She went to Egorovna, and turning only to her, said:

- At least talk to a clever man!And then, when I express a scientific me wrong many here do not understand because they do not have enough educated literacy.

- Uh, deftly syplesh - approved Anya.- Are you a good grind peas.

- I, Tas, I will not sit around something, - said Egorovna - do not eat dinner, and even laundry at me today.

- God help you.

- Thank you, Anh.You'll see, I have two wash.

- In all cases, only won Ani with Nura no.Shopping all walking - a loud whisper grumble Tasia.

- vain eh zhilichek keep - Anya chuckled.- You take what prevents the room?And help, and money.Come with us tomorrow "carryout", so it was not jealous.

- I tap it, how it goes - asked Egorovna.- I, too, was going to go to the center, and lessons tomorrow I just do not.

- For lace, go, progulschitsa?- Asked Nura.Egorovna smiled in response, Tasia pursed her lips in annoyance.

- We Anya for Polten.And I think, An, we must take rastsvetochku vesёlenkuyu can even svetlenkie.

- With a fright you dress udumali?- Tasia alarmed.- To whom we've got swagger?

- Are you at what age you stop to think about the peasants, Tas?We have something for everyone along, go-ka not exactly ancient.

- And I was ten years younger than you!

- And your coat twenty years my senior.Also buy yourself refreshed and not envious.Nechay inhibit us!- Nura angry.

- And about Tasia fright almost guessed, - said Anna - we began to fear the Nura disrepair.

- The reason for this is?- Egorovna surprised.

- The other day showed up.We went to visit Marusyu, the one that lives at the station;Bus goes to the third.We climbed through the back door and see if there are any empty seats.And the old women all the seats are occupied;They sit in pairs in three rows, and in one window.C before they-can, and different;but with polta back at them identical, are bleached without any color, collars shabby, gray Schalke on their heads.As if detdomovok where driven.And so he put us with Nura between those old women - all lose, not differences.Here we are with yet Nura went - and there are four stops - all were thinking: okay to invalidkoy, or very lonely and the poor, or at least a hundred years we have tomorrow - so no!Why are we such a miserable?A Maruse daughter in "The Glass" coat balonevoe bought;and at the foot Maruse patients, it is well out of the house, once a month will be released.And we, praise the gods, with their feet!Sedna retirement will bring, so we tomorrow "carryout".

- Egorevna, since now go maybe prisovetuesh there what?What is better to choose something - Nura said.

- There is plenty to choose from, so povybirat - agreed Egorovna.Tasia was a gloomy face, pursed lips.Probably mentally evaluated your wardrobe.

- It would be necessary even to ask the price of the dress by cutting off - suddenly remembered Anna, - need to sew on the dress, we have the same spring Irishku your vzamuzh give.

Tasia jumped in place, glad this fortunate turn of conversation:

- Is it true Nyur you're a lodger, Irku the most, prescribed to him?

- True.She is without a residence permit do not give coupons.

- and allow?

- Said granddaughter, and prescribed.

- And why are you so kind to her?She's with a man, then you evict or kill, so as not to interfere!

- By myself, I suppose, to measure?You sons, then why has written?they have become strangers to you?And Irishka something vzamuzh in his house leaves;manor in his grief.

- I did better for sons!And that would have squabbled behind me for my same meter!

- How are you?The apartment, I suppose, for a family was given?

- I Brokeback, I singled out the plant!And they do not deserve it!Today is a socialist tyndyntsiya that with kazhny on ability kazhny - as far as possible!

Egorovna loudly laughed Anya Nura looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders.

- You Tas, can be seen from a great mind their Maltsov all the street children's home threatened drove yes, - said Anna.

- To know who is the boss, and that's why chased and threatened!But my children are well fed!

- Yes, no thicker than your other children were - Nura sighed.- Not now ashamed in front of them?

- I am a mother, I have nothing to be ashamed of!

- they do not come to you, do not help ...

- A ungrateful because!

- to thank?What is left without a home?

- I am a mother!I gave birth!I decide that it is better!

- Yes, the banner, why bore: Ivan ohomutat.And then the children reproached piece.

- What do you mean I judge something Matveevna ?!You told me the apostle Peter and Paul ?!

- And you tell me who to guard, who is registered on my meter?

- About you pekus, I'm sorry for you!

- You envy fit, not to regret - intervened in the skirmish Anya.- Irishka's the housework assistant Nura, and some fun and a good profession from her.I'm out to visit them'll go, so I direct joy!A plate yelling at the whole yard at you, and you have fun, no?Zhalelku something her, Tasia, where to Unfold.Sons do not mind, so self pity.

- What do they regret?Let themselves earn, nothing to Maturin covet!That reasoning Egorovna you literate!

- What reason?For the comfort of the mother when the children well.If it is possible at least in something to help - it is necessary to do so.

- Well, that's what you agreed to the apartment?

- We Mitya grandchildren prescribed.

- All three of them ?!Do not feel sorry for them or something ?!As they are yours meters between themselves to share?Claw to death!

- I have no reason to think so badly of them.Thy sons who raised ungrateful?You who claim to?

- I do not pretend!It's the beginning of the Nura!Judges it is me!I am a mother!I know better!

Neighbor waved at her hands:

- It's all a mother, everyone knows everything.About the only orphanage, but you, do not think no one.

Tasia turned around, trotted to the door, shouting on the move:

- Here's a look at who's right will be!

- What a stupid character at Tasi - complained Anne.- After all, they were given three rooms.Why it is now one of three rooms?As she does not want to embrace grandchildren, sons to bless?

- Moget, she wants to go vzamuzh dowry - Nura chuckled.

- I also think that married Tasia not mind - agreed Egorovna.- And it is difficult to understand, yes.I was very surprised that she sympathized with the guy who drunk older women snasilnichal.

- This past year, in a neighboring yard, you're talking about it commemorate?

- Yes, the case.The woman was in her early eighties, but it is such an intelligent, accurate.To their raised floor, and he attacked her.Snasilnichal, but there, on the stairs, he fell asleep.Tasia something to say, they say, he toiled in that it was the old woman as he experiences that will laugh at him because of this.

Neighbor silenced.Forgive me, Lord, for the past;and even in advance, too ...

- Long you now "PePeeR", - said Pasha approached.- No lunch break?

- What PePeeR?- I asked Egorovna?

- And this I have so Mary says: "I go into the yard for a session" PePeeR ": sit, pokizdim, disperse," - willingly explained Pasha.- Surf here with you instead of her?

- pinching if you do not, you sit, kizdi - agreed to Anya.Everyone laughed, made room and sat down.

- Long Masha children staying - Nura said.- Here there is already Tasia you are interested in.Right now, because again pops up.

- Oh, God forbid from such interest!- Pasha crossed.- Oh, I have one, then I will not walk down the street - or you babonki, or Charlick.

- most importantly, on the porch with an eye to go - Anya warned.Neighbors laughed;and when it came out of the house again Tasia laughed even louder.

- All giggle, and all because at the sight of my eyes!You Yegorovna there, take the time to wash ceased, for one company sit idle.I somehow got even with knitting.

- dowry, I suppose, you prepare?- Asked Nura.

- Sledikov Bind, mittens, on the selling market.Kids put on the book.I'm an expert in commerce understand not born sewn!Even more leave your legacy!

- That's what you came up with a well - praised Anne.- Maybe we Nura mittens with elegant bind, but, you see, and beretochke else?Can you beretochki something?

- And you that, for the money I buy them?- Tasia gasped.

- Even ruble give advance - promised Nura.- By the spring of something you have time?That is just our new Polten.

- Yes, they do not have time, still fall in the yard!You just do not die in the winter, Mademoiselle shmodnye!

again went out into the yard with moloduhi malyshnёy;teens got hold of a guitar and picked up the note to something popular;big white walker warmed in the sun blohasto pelt.

Starukhin Unexpected fall slowed down the flow of time to soak up the cat, kids running around, fooled around teenagers.To an old woman to dream of the next, perhaps unlikely, spring.they spring into new Polten, dressed in beretochkah buy on the market will give a white kitten and his glorious Irishka the wedding.What they die something over the winter?As Anna says, if fun to live and die not from what.That's how Tasia says Russian winged wisdom.