Useful soap

But the soap - clean and harmless product.In its composition of fatty acids include sodium salts without addition of dyes, preservatives, fragrances.It looks soap is not too presentable - a bar of yellow-brown color.

Now manufacturers have added flavorings and other additives to give a more pleasant appearance and smell of the economic soap, but, oddly enough, the most useful and best soap is just brown Armillaria, without additives introduced into it.

alkaline balance gives soap excellent detergency.It removes stubborn dirt and strong, who can not afford other means.A high content of fatty acids (72%) creates a rich foam, making it possible to successfully wash even heavily soiled laundry, both hot and cold water.

In addition, few people know that the soap has a positive effect on the properties of certain types of tissue, making their structure more bulk.For example, to wash the wool becomes soft and fluffy.

Because of its naturalness of this soap is essential hypoallergenic properties, so childre

n's clothes, diapers newborn recommend to wash for them.Then the baby will not have any allergies and irritations.

Very convenient zastiryvat soap and small things for which sorry to upload washing machine.

Did you know that doctors recommend to just wash soap in two weeks?If you take this advice, you will protect yourself from viruses and bacteria.

In the summer, laundry soap - a great helper in the country in washing dishes and other utensils.And last but not least - the used water with a soap solution can be safely poured on the ground: no chemicals you do not contaminate it.

proved that modern dish detergent not completely washed away even with prolonged rinse and leave harmful surfactants on it, which gradually causes the body great harm.But dishwashing soap - it is an optimal solution for the benefit of their health.