Capsule in technology " decoupage"

In the book "Crafts for All", I found the recommendation, as a simple box out of plywood with the help of technology "decoupage" can be turned into an attractive box for jewelry.

flowers for decoration carved out of gift wrapping paper of high quality.When choosing a box for the "decoupage", note whether it is worn cover loosely enough so that several layers of varnish applied over the glued drawings, will make it impossible to remove and close the lid tightly seated.The inner surfaces of the box and the lid can be painted, to paste pictures or cotton cloth.

To perform this operation you need:

- a small wooden box with a free lid

- wrapping paper with flowers (one sheet is enough for a small box)

- sandpaper with medium and very fine sandpaper, nail transparent glossy

- paint (emulsion-colored wrapping paper background)

- manicure scissors

- transparent glue for crafts, roller for wallpaper.


1. Surface preparation.Treat the surface of the box with sandpaper to make it rough an

d carefully remove dust.

2. Securing the surface.Paint box and lid with emulsion paint and leave to dry for at least six hours.Lightly sand the surface of fine sandpaper.

3. Preparation of drawings.Choose floral patterns and carefully cut each nail scissors, keeping them slightly at an angle.Due to this oblique cut obtained that help to better connect the paper surface.Cut enough of the details to make it a lot to choose and shape drawing.

4. Creating a composition.Put the lid on a piece of paper and trace it with a pencil.Lay on the contour cut flowers and move them up as long as you do not like drawing.Flowers can be superimposed on each other, and a small part of the monochrome background can be part of a pattern,

5. Bonding drawings.First glue the biggest cuts.Apply glue to the back of the picture and press it to the surface of the capsule.Overlapping areas leave unglued so for them it was possible to slip the following figure.Place a sheet of white paper on a drawing and gently swipe it with a roller.Remove excess glue.

6. Completion of drawing.Continue to work, adding more and more details.If possible, the form to the box so that the cutting edge passed through the side portion of the box and lid.

7. The application of the varnish.When cuttings are firmly glued and dry, cover them with a layer of lacquer.Apply it with a brush in one direction.Allow to dry overnight.When the varnish is dry, apply the second layer, working in the other direction, and again let to dry overnight.

8. The application of additional layers of lacquer.When everything is dry, sand the box a little fine sandpaper and remove dust.Continue to cover it with varnish and lightly sanded sandpaper until it will cover a box of 10-20 layers of lacquer, striking it each time in the opposite direction.Boll is complete when the graphics edges are not detectable through the lacquer layers.It

crafts you can do with your children that will bring you even more fun!