Florentine bells

We sit on the shore of the Black Sea.Sky wet, gray sand.Wind.We have three o'clock flew by plane from Moscow, then two o'clock traveled by a passing car to the place.Driver-abrek affectionately called the Moscow have nipples.Fool.If he knew how far from the truth was.

We came to the Mission.It should be on this side, on this very spot to drink champagne from crystal glasses, and then fill the bottle devastated by sea water, washing is a sacred place.

That is, it is only for sacred Irki.She is worried the high points of his great love.Rather, star two weeks: the sea, He and She.It - clever and great esthete.He is able to see and appreciate the beauty.Once brought Irke photo edelweiss on a snowy slope some deadly mountains.He photographed himself.

Shura - an avid skier.Sometimes on weekends, he takes with him Irku.On skis to ride it can not, therefore, usually sitting in the car waiting.Or, as expressed by Schur, "warm place".Oh, and he calmly, that it (the car, of course), no one will withdraw.

Shura watching their health and always in great shape: the regime, no cigarettes and strong drinks.And Ira Health does not follow a completely smoke and all sorts of rubbish.Younger than me by five years, and all yellow and wrinkled.

When I told her this hint, she is angry and hissing like a snake, that color is due to the red color, and wrinkles - mimic.But the passers-by on the street all the same, as if on cue, turn on it and not me.And I'm up and growth, and looks at me more pleasant.

Ira same - wild flower nature.Luxurious.But it is better not to touch it, otherwise the fragrance quickly becomes its dialectical opposite.It is red, wildly-curly and freckled.In the village it would certainly have teased: "Red, red-haired freckled - killed grandfather with a shovel ...".

But shovel Irke absolutely nowhere.It has its failsafe and deadly weapons.And grandparents, and more suitable for adults.When she does her hair, "Exit", then her head, as she puts it, it is "the size of a TV set."

But besides stacks of auburn hair, it is impossible not to notice her sculptured face the unknown hero.And there are located chiseled aristocratic nose, mouth and freckles sinner leader of the Redskins.Only the eyes summed up: they are small and quite plebeian.But it is generally not the case.In any case, Ira doomed to walk through life under the close supervision of the worst half of the human race.Because it is - it is grace.Any of its movement in space, action or state is invested in perfect shape.And this form - its content.

But Ira it does not know anything.Because its second defining quality is nonsense, the third - temperament.That is, if briefly, it is - a graceful, temperamental fool.But this is my version.My father spoke as follows: "Do not be a fool, and a fool with aplomb."

And if you briefly describe for me, I - pretty is intellectual with complexes.And here I am, with my university education, friends with disorderly Irkoy that has a soul and masseuses sewing vocational courses.And passionately jealous of her gestures excellence, flexibility, any movement, her captivating grace.And I feel close to her well-read with a sledgehammer.

But Ira stupid and it does not suspect anything and finds a fool just me.It belongs to me condescendingly, but often irritated, and then my philological sensitive ears hear the expression that in the course "Introduction to Linguistics" are classified as "language taboos phenomenon."

It suppresses me, the reason I sometimes cry and decide to quarrel with her forever.But then again, I forgive and fascinated look as natural and easy it is poured in a sea of ​​fine gestures.This strange friendship harms me, I lose my own personality, clumsily trying to imitate, and my complexes grow.

Now we're sitting by the sea.Ira declared this place as sacred.From Moscow, she brought two crystal glasses, and now we have the ritual drinking of semisweet Soviet champagne.

I'm ready.I'm honestly trying to imagine how she was happy here, in this gray sand.Instead, I imagine a self-service cafe, not far.Ira Schur and put a plate of cakes on a tray and wait.

slowly moves all in cash, thoughtfully absorbing the selected cake Shura.And puts in its place a new one.Silly Ira frozen in amazement, Alex takes more cake and stuffed it into his mouth Irke.She chokes on his fingers.Schur says Ira ugly eating.Since then, she is not very fond of sweets.

... So, we drank champagne, crystal glasses frozen in the sand.Now it is the most important thing: the empty bottle to fill with sea water and pebbles, then resealed and evening to bring to Moscow Shura.He knows how to appreciate beauty.

unclear as we went to sleep, but waking up, found that the sky was bright, sand - yellow and easy, and we were both badly burned.Especially it got red Irke.In the dream, I gracefully rocked on the waves with a crystal glass in his hand and a sense of self-perfection in the body.

bottle with "a part of the sea" as it is called Ira, that it does not shed, we are all the way on the line kept on his lap.At the airport it (the bottle) and we said Ira, will meet Schur.

At the airport we were met my dad.Irku we are able to take to the house.The father informed her travel bag to a communal on the fifth floor, and Ira, stepping two steps, happily dragged his treasure.

House was waiting for her surprise.A neighbor poured boiling water Irkin best sandals - air design of the thin straps, studs and tall unidentified bright stones.Well, and why it was necessary to leave them in the hallway ?!

a neighbor in the world called Comrade Mauser, although in reality at the factory she worked revolverschitsey (there is a working specialty) and, in general, was to spearhead.Ira went into action immediately.I never attach it to the wisdom of the Word of God, and because of the word "Vengeance is mine and I will repay" were uttered.Victory is not a youth, as in the novel by Ilf and Petrov, and brute force.

But my father did not know anything about it.When he asked why it was necessary to go this far, I briefly answered. "In the case of"could not I tell him that "a part of the sea."He would not understand.

A Shura understood.He said it was very romantic.Sacred bottle he left Irke and "a piece of the sea" from her early poured in her communal toilet.

Many years passed.Now I understand that Ira rights and Shura really aesthetic and very clever.Shura long been married.In Italian.Since then, he lives and works in Florence.Irku not forget.Sometimes, on Sundays, he said to her on the phone and listen to give up, as the Florentine call bell.Ira at that moment crying with happiness and said that it is very beautiful.