Wonder stones and stone therapy

And the long time people believed in good and clean hands stone will do good, and for the poor, feeding bad intentions human stone may be the fate of the penalty for all sins.

has long been believed that people born at different times, has its own stone.And that he will bring the greatest benefits and good fortune.For those who were born in January, happiness and luck given red garnet and his double - pink quartzite, as a sign of continuity.For those who were born in February, will become a talisman amethyst and its substitute - milky white onyx as a symbol of sincerity.If you were born in March, your -akvamarin stone - a symbol of courage, and his substitutes - chalcedony and jasper.Born in April, is rightly considered his stone diamond, symbolizing the innocence and purity of thought, as well as its substitute - amber.

Maisky people are given the incomparable emerald and chrysoprase, are for them a pledge of love and success.Born in June gifted pearls, agate, malachite - Health stones.Those who came

into the world in July, ruby ​​and carnelian bring prosperity.And who was born in August, beryl, onyx, and aventurine will give peace and harmony in family life.

If you were born in September, the sapphire and lapis lazuli will make you wise.A opal and tourmaline to help those who were born in October, to maintain an interest in life and heal from depression.Those born in November Topaz tea-colored tiger's eye and will give loyalty, friendship and love.A turquoise and zirconium his heavenly blueness will contribute to the material well-being born in December.

But stones have another remarkable property - they will help maintain your health and even know how to treat!So, onyx relieve pain, relieve spasms, exacerbate hearing.Carnelian - Stone composure, protects from evil tongues and supposedly protects against lightning.Amethyst relieves the soul and the body from the burden of depression, it is useful to meditate.

Treatment with stones, stone therapy for several centuries known in the East, where they still believe in the magical power of stones and individual character.I got this unique method of distribution, and in our country.Those who believe in the healing power of stones, confident that they carry a lot of information, including healing.Stone therapy relieves muscle pain, heaviness in the back, neck and legs, has a positive effect on the exhaustion of the nervous system and even helps to get rid of fat by speeding up metabolism.

effect of the treatment of stones is achieved by thermal and energy impact of stones combined with elements of reflexology.For the treatment used 54 black hot and 18 white cold stones are alternated during the procedure.Plus need another pebble at room temperature.For the hot stones are selected volcanic rocks - basalt black or polished jade.And as a white, cold stones, mainly used noble marble.One session lasts 25 to 60 minutes.

process itself is pleasant and simple: a conductive treatment session slowly relaxes comfortably lying man the touch of stones, or specifically laying them along the spine, alternating in a special way.Moreover, the stones are arranged not only along the spine, but also on the active points on the whole body - from the toes to the eye.

can massage the parts of the body with stones.Apply in the session, and aromatic oils.Well first, do a regular massage, and then massage stones, heated to a temperature of 40 degrees.Moreover, the heat from these stones penetrates to a depth of 4 cm.

is important to know that if you have any medical conditions from which you want to get rid of using stones, treatment should only trust a specialist.But stone therapy - also totally unique obscheozdoravlivayuschaya procedure which can strengthen your health and mind, reduce stress, prevent depression, boost immunity.Therefore, stone therapy can be practiced on its own, at home.

But for this it is important to know and follow some rules.Firstly, you must have a certain mental attitude, as well as the corresponding relaxed atmosphere that can be created with soft music, aromatherapy oils, comfortable posture.And be sure, at least for the period of treatment give up alcohol and smoking.Similarly, it should be limited to the reception of strong coffee, tea and other tonics.Second, heat a stone in the water and treat it carefully, like a crystal.

form of stone should be smooth and appropriate to the body, and optimal impact on the active zone of the stone weight should not exceed 100-200 grams

After a session of therapy need to rest, and, in addition, any water treatments per day impact on the active zonenot conducted.

In addition, it is important to know some contraindications!So, it is not necessary to experiment with stones during pregnancy, as well as people with skin conditions, as during treatment changes the temperature and moisture of the skin.In addition, we must remember that the stone therapy - a kind of massage, so for her, there are the same contraindications as for the massage - that is, it is impossible to hold sessions for fractures, extensive injuries, internal injuries, etc.