Pails for fruits , sweets , gifts for Christmas and New Year

very modest plastic pots can be turned into a completely luxurious bucket.This bucket can be used as packaging for Christmas gifts as a vase for sweets and fruits.It is important that make it very easy, and the result of your work will please you for sure!

you need :
plastic pots for
colors purple and gold acrylic
golden brown satin ribbon
narrow lace braid with beads
a sponge
small fir or pine cone


1. Take a piece of foam sponge and without mixing, squeeze him gold and purple acrylic paint.Soak a sponge the entire outer surface of the pots.

2. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly and repeat again.The outer surface of the pot should be covered with purple and golden arabesques.Golden ribbon bow tie under the rim of the pot.

3. Then cut lace braid with beads desired length.Secure it in several places using superkleeya.Bands should slightly cover the tape.

4. The inside of the bucket blot gold acrylic paint.The edges of the bucket cover violet-golden arabe

sques.Thus, the bucket will be beautiful both inside and out.

5. Prepare a small bump, spruce or pine.With a brush cover it with acrylic gold color.Not necessarily paint the whole lump.Interesting effects can be achieved by painting the protruding part of the bumps.At the same time deepening remain unstained.This highlights the shape of objects.Also, instead of the bumps can be used umbrella dry flowers in combination with large dark beads that mimic berries, best purple or brown.

6. Using superglue to fix a lump bow assembly.You can supplement composition in small golden or brown beads, pasted on the surface.

7. Bucket can be used for Christmas floral compositions.To do this, place the inside pioflor, which slide sprigs of spruce or juniper and flowers.These ribbons decorate, nuts and pine cones.