Andrew - the beginning of the Great Patriotic War

bright memory of his father dedicate

Medical before he could finish.The war began with the Finns.Andrew mobilized to the front.While traveling in the train because of the Urals, the Finnish company has ended, and the train was disbanded.Andrei for further service was sent to Belarus.Andrew - a young lieutenant, was 20 years old when he arrived at the new duty station in the garrison town Stankovo,

1941.The night before June 22, Andrew returned from a fun evening with friends in the park: the gypsies came to the concert, and then, as usual, dancing.

was late.It was an unusually quiet night, in the dark sky bright stars shone invitingly.On the grass the dew fell.He went home, feeling the cool, crisp air expands the chest, heart pounding strongly.Quite a young man full of energy.

returning, Andrew lay down on the bed, but sleep would not come.It is necessary to go to sleep, because the service tomorrow.He went out into the street.In the east, erupted dawn extinguished crescent.Bands dawn mist crept

in the valley.Silence.All stood still, lurking just before dawn."We did not yet know the price of that same silence ...»

Suddenly, the air shuddered!There was a terrible sound, like the mountain cracked.The thunder rolled in all directions, expanding, and it seemed that the sky was split in two.A terrible noise was coming to the sleeping town.

Scantily clad men jumped out of the house and immediately fell, slain Bombings rain.Gasping children, they fled, not knowing where, not knowing what to hide, lie down.

risen sun, breaking through the black smoke, lit up a terrible picture: the piles of slain bodies, blood clots dark stretches along the destroyed houses, the pocket under the gate.Everywhere rushing cries, screams, children crying, men's abusive language, a dog barking, a horse neighing.

Survivors of the bombing of the people fled in panic from the town on the road leading to the east, away from this terrible place.They did not know that this is a war.

German planes vulture did not spare civilians, poured fire indiscriminately anyone who walked on these terrible roads.There were wounded, bloodied, half-dressed people were falling, slipping into ditches.Frightened horses, overturning carriages, snorting in terror, rushed on the road, crushing everything in its path.Roast, June sun beating down, the air was black from the fire.Burned village.

this tragedy there was no end or edge.Meager belongings - everything you could grab out of the house, and frightened the children's faces ... How many of these innocent children's heads left on roadsides, hastily skhoronennyh.

air!Air!And all the sea of ​​people stirred up.Shouts, screams of horror.People with black circles around the eyes are running in panic in different directions.The wounded, crawling in the trenches, where they will have no help.The dead lie open eyes staring at the sky.A German aircraft do their bloody work.

Unable to withstand the sudden treacherous attack of Nazi Germany, the Soviet troops retreated with heavy losses.Part, which served as Andrew, was surrounded in the Bryansk forests: black spots, marshes, swamps.They ate horsemeat, sleeping on the ground.

Germans day and night combing the forest, led bombing and artillery shelling.German planes, with a nasty squeal dropping deadly cargo, with a roar soared upwards.Andrew thought that the bombs are falling down on him.

night.After the bombing of a temporary silence, black smoke spread along the ground.I can not sleep, everything revolves in front of his eyes.Again heavy fire of the enemy.Further in such a situation to be in the forest was pointless, and the captain ordered out of the environment groups and individually.

After another raid, losing friends, Andrew was left alone.Now, when the thunder of battle moved to the north and the glow of fires barely visible behind the grid branches, clearly began to hear noises at night summer forest: the crackle of grasshoppers, frogs.Lunar spots Andrei crawled feet.Oh, how I want to live ... It would be nice to cuddle up to the birch trees, and did not know that there is a war.

But in the sky above his head one by one pulled silhouettes of German bombers.Motors roared menacingly, but the hum is no longer so scared and did not drown the desire to live.

half asleep and hungry all the time, Andrei ran on thorny branches.The dream was thrown on the go.Finally, he came across a small haystack, and fell dead.When I woke up, I looked around - behind the bushes looked through some of the structure.I wanted to go to where the fabulously unspoilt Spikes War wheat, blooming gardens, vegetable gardens.Miraculously surviving an oasis of peace in the woods.Log into the house and say, "Hello, good people."

Andrew Long sat, wondering what to do.He knew that to go to the village's dangerous.Suddenly he saw a cow and boy next to her - probably shepherd.Andrei crawled closer and whistled.The boy flinched, but seeing the Soviet form, calmed down.He said that the Germans in the village and agreed to bring no Andrew peasant clothes and bread.After changing clothes, hiding the documents in his boot, Andrew, merged with the refugee columns, on his way to his east, experiencing the horrors of the German bombing on the road.

was Andrew a memorable meeting with the Germans in Bryansk.Attracted the attention of two German officers' boots on the peasant lad.I do not want them to mess around once or understand, and senior officer ordered a shoot for.Andrew Having got behind the bushes, the German told him to take off our shoes.German vending boots did not fit.Tossing them aside, the German shouted in exasperation: "Rus, away!" And shot into the air machine gun, gone.

Andrew, is simply life, I could not believe their salvation.His head was pounding, "Alive, alive ...»

With fights out soldiers from the German environment.But how many of them ever left lying there in the Bryansk forests and swamps?Andrew was lucky.For a whole month he went from an environment with two comrades.Coming to his own, he was not arrested, because it is not captured and was able to save documents in his boot.At the front

Andrew was the commander of a platoon of health.We had to make the wounded from under the fire from the battlefield, and in crossing the river.After the war, he recalled, "I half-crawled on his belly Europe ...»

The peasant hut that served as field hospital, Andrew was bandaging the wounded.Having finished dressing, he went out to the porch to smoke.This saved the life ... Then they told him that a direct hit bombed the field hospital.Soldiers rushed to help, understand that no one is left alive.Someone accidentally stepped on a log, there was a low moan.

Andrei was alive, not even wounded, but severely wounded and unconscious.After a concussion in the hospital he had amnesia - he could not remember who he is.But soon it passed amnesia.Quick medical treatment, he was again sent to the front.

From the author: My father was on the front of all four years - from the first minute of June 22, 1941 in Belarus and up to last May 9, 1945 in Berlin.

story based on real events.Written records for mother and memories of his father.