Let's be friends with you

Marina was one of the nomenclature of the family.Well, almost nomenclature.Dad was assistant manager at one of the warehouses of the Council of Ministers of the system.In Soviet times, it meant a lot: the special food rations, spetsatele tailoring and footwear, and recreation spetssanatorii, spetskvartiry in spetsrayonah and so on.All life, starting with the purchase of the toilet bowl and finishing treatment in a hospital or the device to work, took place under the heading "special."She was used to this bad idea how other people do without a rational organization of life and of all life.

Marina Parents did not like.But there was nothing.My father was a supplier of all Sovminovskih benefits.His mother was the main creditor.She has worked for many years in the Office of precious metals and the Ministry of Finance has received a large salary, not counting the endless tricks and simple gifts of gold ornaments and trinkets.

But the most annoying Marina grandmother, who did not want to adapt to the conditi

ons of a city apartment.Mezzanine she called bunks, balcony - terrace, refrigerator - a glacier, and everything that had to clean up after the cat, named "shit."Granny grimly endured his daughter, despised her husband and never missed an opportunity to remind the granddaughter of which is the ugly heavy, like his father, hairy legs and sharp eyes.

Marina was really ugly, but it was a lot of other advantages.She was knitting and sewing.Rather, in general, alter and bandaged, giving a second life to everything that was going to emit.None of those coats that usually first years of lying in the far corners of the country houses, and then serve as a protection against spring frosts for tender cucumber seedlings and eventually doomed lie on wooden thresholds in a tattered rugs, not passed by her skillful hands.

fabric stripped over a saucepan of hot water, cut, and then the light appeared patchwork blankets, mats, pot holders, rug, or other objects home interior, designed to serve their owners as a reminder of her kindness.Marina had a fund of these crafts gifts especially for poor families and different applicants.

And she loved to do what others have not done ever, or did very reluctantly.For example, she loved to wash greasy pans.Another liked to pick up different things.That is not to collect antiques, and quite another.If the road lay a handkerchief, it never passed, and be sure to set him up, house washing, and then use it.If the trash someone endured outdated pillows, boxes, or anything else of the kind, it also includes all it home, put in order and always found a reasonable use of any seemingly useless things already.

No fines did not disappear in its economy.Remnants It consists in cutting from the stocking and then this makeshift washcloth washing dishes.Old things all the members of the family store and waited for their turn to find a second life in her hands.Blue satin panties father went to the mops.Grandma and Maturin colored trousers dismembered, then removed them from the gusset, which Marina every time reluctantly, with a heavy heart, threw, and the remainder was used as a kitchen rags.It turned out very nice.The used tube of toothpaste was cut and scraped the inside, bandages, in a field hospital, boiled and rolled into a tube.All disposable toiletries she had reusable.The dining room service is never left unattended left anyone continental sugar and gently wrapped it in a napkin and take home.

Pope Marina was a bon vivant and lover of women.Therefore, when the house appeared her favorite friend, dad blossomed, ran into his room and took out the cherished provisions of the Council of Ministers: exclusive cognac and snack delicacy.With difficulty he pauses until Girlfriend communicate with his daughter.Soon he quietly appeared in the doorway and asked pleadingly: "Come to me, let's talk."It was his hour, and share it with anyone he did not like.

tiny table served by all the rules.It was too small and exquisite: small plates, almost toy fork and, most importantly, the narrow crystal wine glasses.

He cut and poured it all himself, taking pleasure already from the very preparation of the sacraments.Then solemnly Girlfriend invited to sit down and shut the door tightly.Daughter to this holiday is not tolerated.Although, actually, it is not very much and wanted to listen to the revelation of "dad."And he had a story to tell.As the war suffered as captured to work in Germany as working for a German owner, who is still, you bastard, alive and healthy himself."And after the war ..." - father sighed.

He then dreamed that, if not will beat and jailed by his own, after the war, he married.And his wife will be small, with light head.Even I found a way to call it is: "My Chick ..." - here he sadly unfulfilled desires stopped look at her friend.He also dreamed that in the evening they will be singing together under the gramophone songs Utesova and Shulzhenko.And yet, that his wife will meet with his work is always joyful, light, bright silk robe.And he will carry her in his arms and cradled like a child.

And it turned out that his wife and of his songs, and he very sick, and the whole life she walks home in the women's flannel trousers instead of a skirt to the knees.And money always not enough for her.But he already gives enough!And how much he really gets, she still never get to the bottom.Father sighed sadly: "Well, what to say now, life is lived, the daughter of a completely adult."Of course, he sees that the cuttlefish.

«It is in the mother - again he sighs heavily - not in it that should be a peasant.Only you and I can say.Marinka You better not leave it, and so pomoeshnitsa, and soon just become a grandmother.(Mother-in-law hatred was mutual) ... Maybe this is it ... to introduce her to anyone? »

Marinin the father and his wife did not get along from the start.He loved to buy all delicious, all wearing fashionable, and she was indifferent to this, and the money piled on the passbook.He loved beautiful - it is useful.He wanted to comfort in the home - she wanted to make a career.Child birth without any desire.

By the time he had already realized that trap shut and, if the entry was the ruble, the output will be two.Former prisoners of war, rotten in the war against the Germans, the scandal at the family home soil was completely useless.And so, miraculously, without education and with dubious biography on Sovminovsky warehouse settled."Of course, no miracle has helped a ... caramel ...", - the father struck up a dreamy eyes.

Marina was born out of love, and almost did not know what it is.That is, of course, guessed that behind the word "love" something hidden.But - I could not understand.Her parents, in general, loved father provided a special service wherever possible, the mother - the financial well-being and access to precious metals.

Their house was a great set - two wooden caskets, most similar to the boxes for parcels than graceful jewelry storage containers.There were rings, chains, necklaces, and something else, which is difficult to pick the name.It was a big, strong, with multi-colored stones and made in factories, which oversaw the mother.Marina did not wear these jewels.She loved to touch them, to examine a sample of gold and stones to light.

Here, actually, and this was the love of parents.It was real and concrete.It could have been spent, and can be saved for a rainy day.However, the ability to spend was absolutely speculative.

girlfriend also was a little underdeveloped, so Marina was trying to be on guard and its interests.First, the time to warn of the consequences of another possible stupidity, and secondly, intelligently intercept anything interesting of wealth, if she decide to sell them again.

Marina in their own loved friend and wished her happiness - material, tangible, so that you can touch and and save."Passbook denude impossible", - she was explaining patiently.But her hands helplessly sank when she learned that the bare girlfriend nothing because the passbook in that never was.

- How can you live without it?- Marina marveled.
- Well, about the same as you do with it - wondered in response girlfriend.
- Do you know that the veterans have raised retirement?And Marina explained that for such information is necessary to watch that all veterans pensions have increased, and, consequently, to her father: "Do not trace it necessarily zanachit!" But the friend did not follow all done vice versa.And Marina suffered because skinny cargo of unused material resources so poorly floats by and distance.

In fact, their lives were not to be crossed anywhere, ever.But Marina has a secret passion, she was shy and that hiding from their parents: she loved the movie.But do not just watch movies.She loved and knew the world cinema, as a visible proof that there is a world, where they live as something different.So, as she sometimes wanted, but it was completely unclear "how."

There, in the world, people love quite vague, and all of them drawn to the beautiful but stupid things.It does not say that savings account can not bare, there are husbands and wives had zanachek or secret deposits in the savings bank.It was exciting and scary.While Marina was looking at the screen - it was exciting.After that - terrible.She loved movies and loved cinematic beauties.On the wall of her room hung a homemade, get her for nothing, portrait Philip Gerard.

Unrequited passion resolved desire to write on this subject.Parents say this was a shame.Marina quietly enrolled in the Young Journalist School of journalism at Moscow State University.There, at the age of fourteen, she was his future girlfriend and met.The first time Marina came to her in the locker room, especially for already dressed to go out, in a natural fur coat and sturdy boots, tailored to Sovminovskom studio.

Future Girlfriend at the seminar criticized Marina review of the film "Native Blood".According to her, no special generosity on the part of the hero Yevgeny Matveyev was not, therefore, as was his love.A friend insisted that the hero of the film has made a noble act, taking his wife almost destitute with three children.

discussion was noisy and confused character.The whole audience joined in, and in the final, all quarreled.After the occupation of Marina principle came to his opponent and invited her home.The opponent, buttoning his blue coat from the "Children's World", with surprise staring at a bizarre wolverine, snowdrift lying on the head and shoulders of the marina, but, after hesitating, nodded.

The famous house architects standing horseshoe on the Rostov waterfront, in a wonderful apartment with a view of the Moscow River Marina showed future girlfriend his treasures: a collection of postcards from the south, slides closed places of rest, and, more importantly, the sacred casket.

Marina soon became convinced that throws pearls before swine, or rather, to a pig.Postcards future girlfriend is not interested, watching slides she fidgeted and deep in cow, sighed, and caskets made her quite incomprehensible reaction: she, like wild animals, of the ring in a powerful frame and made no attempt to try them.The only thing that interested her, it is a portrait of Philip Gerard.Marina said that his classmate drew capable of this case a girl.Girlfriend again in the cow, breath, but now envy.

Marina still wanted to impress his guest with something more substantial.She lived on the outskirts of Moscow in a nine, and Marina's mother calls these "shit."Father came home from work.Bring a large bag.In the package was a convolution of a thin, translucent paper to show through gentle, grease spots on Thursdays special rations were given food.Marina carefully unfolded the paper and unknown names pronounced, pointing to a pink-beige pieces of meat: "It's neck and chop it.Some people think that this is one and the same.But in reality - they are different.And this - Marina inaugurated narrow bundle - "Kremlin sausage".Only the Kremlin is on the table, incredibly tasty.And the smell!You want to smell? ".Future Girlfriend soon zasobiralas home.

But Marina would like to be friends and talk about stupid, irrelevant to real life things of the world, where everything is so unclear and where it is possible to voluntarily marry golodranke with three children.She called the girlfriend back home, waiting for her after school journalist, he came to visit her on its outskirts.Brought with them a loaf of bread and a jar of mustard.Explains that the empty-handed come indecent and in stores, other than that, nothing.Future Girlfriend from friendship eludes.All of her time was spent on a large, true love and lessons.It is fortunate that article for the School of the Moscow State University wrote once themselves.Once

School students were given the task to write a report about the exhibition Matisse on Volkhonka.It was the first exhibition of his paintings in Paris, and the queues were from the metro.Marina reacted to the task solely responsible.Father ordered tickets for a week, and the output it has already walked through the halls, carefully eyeing bright, strange paintings with thick, elastic strokes.On the exhibition she came in a bad mood.There was something, but the hands are not given.How to call, how to pass?And that, in fact, pass?

In due course a discussion of the work of young talents.Girlfriend start from afar: she stood in the queue."Well, of course, so duram only to stand in queues," - at this point Marina despised and girlfriends, and myself for a friendship with her.And that Nudel, she's such a queue loves.What people in these queues are quite different.Or, perhaps, they are very different, because stick out in the cold and wait when you can see the beauty.What she likes to look at their faces and guess what this type, and that he immediately freezes.So she smeared a long time, while others sat, open-mouthed, and listened.It turned out she was not on the show, and how they all go and look.In general, as it were, my grandmother said, - shit.On paper.

But, in spite of everything, Marina continued to be friends with all his might.Help, she got out, advised.He bestowed on holidays tack and rug.

Three years have passed.My friend applied for philological faculty of Moscow State University.Marina, contrary to the will of the parent, going to film history VGIK.Not received both.By gleaning points.Beginning of Working Life: School instead of the journalist - School of Life.A year later, again girlfriend came to the philological faculty.And it came.Marina came to the Institute of Steel and Alloys, where he taught acquaintances of her mother.Again she did not pass the competition.But also I entered.

Then there was a lot of things, mostly with a friend.Early marriage, baby diapers with abstracts.And she herself was stupid, and her life was too foolishly.But Marina has encouraged this.Not that she was glad her problems, just have a real opportunity to make friends.That is, to do useful and good deeds girlfriend and count on her willingness to communicate, to talk about life and how it is not clear that the house Girlfriends just hung in the air.

Everything is shaking in unison with each other.Old regime grandmother adored her grandfather's old regime and the memory of old called him "my Torch."Both parents rushed with her brood: stupid daughter, son, grandson, and a fool who is so out of place was born, in spite of all warnings and Marina advice not to do so.

Father blessed this family all the time irresponsible "bares savings account", and the money in their home in general were kept in a box under the mirror, probably in anticipation of the day when they just cleaned.How would themselves have hinted that, dear guests, we can take as much as you want.True, money-there was a penny to penny.It is not clear, as soon as they have enough ?!Marina remembered the heavy talk their parents about prices and how to live on that.And they are happy, and even the poor themselves do not feel.Although, to live as they, in the doghouse so to graze, the money will really be missed.

Travels it in their country.Of course, as you might expect, the dacha was called a chicken coop on six acres.Only joy and that she ate berries there for a lifetime.Yet never in my life do not collect, stuffing into his mouth, chewed and not swallowed, it is not as fast.Currant was very pore, and to miss such a chance would be a crime.

Dining meal in the summer day long remembered Marina sense of sheer brute force on the part of dumplings and a sense of dull irritation.Intentioned seized it with you, apart from the traditional bread with mustard, jar of their favorite "Riga" sprat - carve out from his father's ration.