You take off me, photographer ...

Many women do not like to be photographed, arguing that they look much better in life.And, the truth, who wants to look at a photo unsuccessful and, especially, to show her friends.

But really bad pictures are almost always obtained when we do not care about how to look the most advantageous way for themselves.So, do not despair and turn away from the induced lens on you.Better to remember the secrets of beautiful pictures and use them during filming.

most important thing - submit himself with the best hand.And in this great, if not the most important role played by the right makeup.The first thing to hide all the irregularities of the skin creams and emphasize the cheekbones can blush.It is necessary to carefully select eyebrow line.Be especially careful with bright lipstick and eyeliner shade.And if you want to make your lips more voluminous and sexy, then apply a little gloss in the middle of nizh┬Čney lips.Give also on varnish with sparkles because of the brilliant pieces of lacquer on the photos c

an create the effect of dandruff.

Now you need to choose the right clothes.Do not wear clothes to take photographs of gray, black and white, but the color is too bright, try to avoid too.Best of all, when monochrome clothes.

And do not forget about your tsvetotip.For example, women with pale skin should not wear green clothes, better to choose pastel colors.Conversely, Darkie clothing fit in the blue-blue color scheme.Red distracts attention from the person, but makes the photo more dynamic.Avoid shiny dresses and tights, as they glare, full and shiny tights greatly distort the shape of the feet.

During photographing try to relax and behave freely, uninhibited.Do not frown, smile, and his eyes, too, for, think of something pleasant for yourself.

Do not try to take a picture of a spectacular position - it should be comfortable for you and not tense.Make sure your hands - they often spoil even the most successful shots.Everything must be natural.

to the photograph has not turned a double chin, tilt your head and the entire body slightly forward.Visually, this will help you get to photograph more slender.

Never take pictures from the top point.The photos with the high angle figure increased by several times.

If the picture group, do not try to get to the front as you get larger and more massive than the other.

And yet, if you really want to make a beautiful portrait, listen to the advice of a master photographer.