Let's be friends with you ( continued)

Came incomprehensible perestroika: Girlfriend money, like many, did not have much.After work, she was knitting a custom hat with mittens on weekends scribbled articles for publishing house "Fiction" - also on order.When the girlfriend went to "surrender" to the pawnshop, Marina realized: it struck the hour and now it shows what friendship.

She began to buy her friends all: even the fact that she did not really needed.Bought up at good prices, to the commission would not give any more.Antique sewing prababushkin garnet bracelet, antique two volumes of Maupassant, a bronze bust of Napoleon.A friend accompanied melancholy eyes heirlooms and felt like a traitor.But there was nothing.

Yet it was still not friendship.This friendship began when the family boat Girlfriend, according to Marina, finally sank.Divorce, the return of a child in his parents' home, or rather in their small apartment, where already all had each other.While Marina pondered the most competent way Girlfriends care, she had time with the

child and his school bag on their own to evacuate the apartment littered with bottles in a very decent house.

Marina was beside herself.She developed the property and housing options section, Girlfriend spoiled everything, voluntarily left her legally owned dwelling, leaving the marital property, half of which had every right."It would be my own with a briefcase left", - was indignant Marina.

But to leave it at home there was nobody.After School the Moscow State University has melted in the past and the institution.Let the hateful and boring, but there have no guys in the group were.Get to one of the - the father would certainly have helped, man made, the Council of Ministers has attached.Take one did not work.Marina after the institute began to work in a closed elite research institutes, where women wore slippers, drinking eight times a day tea and talked about rheumatism.

time it ran, then stumbled.He died brimstone grandmother Marina.She died alone in the hospital where she was taken so as not to spoil the new apartment.Her father again improved living conditions and given an apartment now in a huge house Sovminovskom Taganka.Marina Girlfriend drove through the rooms, closets opened eleven, exhibited outlandish accessory exquisite life - a bidet, as well as the old, full of whorls, barometer, which took pride of place on the living room wall.This value her mother recovered from relatives when he died some childless uncle - the seventh water to jelly.While others were running, not knowing what to grab, she knew immediately what to do.She put a barometer in a bag and left quickly, not to see how they're each other's throats will gnaw, voracious creatures.

Marina and the girlfriend was nearly thirty.Both were, in general, "not really."But each - his own.Girlfriend and not smarter.He lives with his parents in distress to work for peanuts, do not take married.Serves her right!Marina - his own.The salary is good, the apartment - you can play tennis.And not only the table but also in large.Marina buys in commission Kuznetsovsky china and silver spoons.She wants to have a rich house, where there is no father to his memoirs, no mother in flannel trousers.But the years, as well as weight, are added, and no one on the horizon.

However, it was something to do: she was doing good and strengthen friendship.Sometimes she heartily wished girlfriend every conceivable misfortune to give it its possible assistance.Marina Girlfriend drove with the child on Sovminovskuyu ski base in Zhukovka - even if only once in a lifetime spetsbufet see.The buffet has closely followed, did not leave anyone behind on the table some scarce sandwich.If such was ( "The audience something spoiled, stuck completely," - lamented Marina), then do not be lazy, quickly he picks up a plate from the table and offered to take advantage of luck to its guests.Those refused.Marina took offense: "Too zazhralis ..." - and wrapped sandwich with a parent.After serious thought gave her child your old tape recorder: he still barely pulls and new, from Japan - so cute!

became brothers with a girlfriend in spetsbanyu.My friend was surprised to find that there is a bath fraternity with its charter and hierarchy: a murky space, full of hot steam, smelling of chlorine and grasses, where a short command "subjects a minute more!" Variously ugly, simple-aunt.After a reverent and repeated visits to the sanctuary - the pair - the madam sat in the sheets on a bench, drinking tea and beer with a nice snack, something told loud bellow, and then slowly and reluctantly dressed.As they turned readiness of bare, loose women in fashionable and sleek ladies that gave food for thought about the great transforming power of high-quality cosmetics and expensive clothes.

Before Marina is this magic transformation retreated helplessly.She - Marina - remained solidly equally and generously tailored and naked, and clothed.Considering a certain timidity of her huge dark purple nipples girlfriend every time tempted to poke a finger gently into a powerful, blue-veined breasts and groping tight check the density of this part of the body of Marina."That would cut off her head off and put another to this place, to dimples and soft nose ... Whatever merchant's wife turned out delicious!Or, on the contrary, make her Motherland with patriotic expression of all ... "- inhuman fantasies ahead of one another.But, alas, his head remained in place, and with it an impressive, porous nose and a wart under him.

Marina patiently taught Girlfriend tricks of behavior in the torture chamber called "steam".Craven Girlfriend voltage could not stand each time ungrateful torn to freedom, closer to the shower room and dressing room."Note, in this hat I first went to the bath, and now go to the bath.You feel the difference?Nothing is lost!- Marina proudly showed wiped up the thread once feather hat.- You, too, so it is necessary to acquire.Handkerchiefs here not be saved. "

But before the proper cap was found, bath educational program was prematurely interrupted, so that has never renewed.Girlfriend got sick at the mere mention of the imminent and compulsory visit to the temple of cleanliness and health.Having secured a certificate from the therapist, she is fighting local recaptured the same at the Marina right to voluntary withdrawal from the "bath Order" forever.Soon she Marina thrown his hat-wagon together with a loved one in the basin of its many cabinets.Presented with the recorder was claimed back.And Girlfriend Zhukovka no longer invited.

Life made a steep turn: Marina married.From the vaults it was pulled "illiquid" - also detained in girlhood former classmate.He was narrow, with glasses and a children's forelock.If desired, Marina could take him in his arms and so that's make in their lives.But to do this, and she did not want to call him seriously and respectfully - "Evgeny."

On marrying girlfriend, as expected, was a witness.When there was an indignant voice tseremonemeystershi: "Young, and kiss the same," Evgeny, remaining immovable, readily he responded: "Kiss!".More aunt of the registrar did not ask the young about anything.

It took another few years.Marina's mother died.She died alone in the hospital where she was taken to does not draw attention to themselves home.Marina has two children - a girl and a boy, and she did not really want to be friends with his girlfriend.Its life, your home, your worries.Her husband - the same name.Money does not bring.Father only annoying - the old, useless grandfather.Money, too, does not.Everything is kept on it.And how much it in a market economy can earn, carrying products from the SSA old fart ?!

Her father is really quite old, he often goes through their smart suits once and crying.But still waiting for her daughter to come to her friend, still holds for these meetings already quite non-deficient cognac and gourmet.So you want to tell that to anyone, it is not necessary.While Soviet power was all to him were.All searched and imported wallpaper, and bricks and linings.And now - a pension.Only one remained joy: to go away from home on duty.even the janitor work well in the former Council of Ministers.There and talk and drink.

But it happened: My friend is sitting in his room at a tiny table, his hand stroking, comforting: "You have a daughter, grandchildren, great ... It's such a joy!".Marina's father does not respond.He somehow in chicken pulls up sinewy neck and abuts melancholy look at the wall.Pause delayed.Finally, it is hard to get up and go to the kitchen.

girlfriend returned to the hostess.Marina complained that she was tired that all louts around, even in the subway the place to give up no one wants.But his ninety kilos on her feet is not easy to hold in forty years.

Marina's children are still small, but much has been understood.The children burst into the room, and indignantly, interrupting each other, the mother blurts out: "Mom, grandfather in the kitchen is the best tomato picked!Tell him! ยป...