pancake stories

Until late autumn front chalet tannins house not been heated.The mistress of a large family Pelagia, widow of forty years, and left without her husband's reinforcements, took care of the wood for the stove.She, dear, and warmed and fed, and treated.The Dutchwoman also went finely hacked tala, wood chips from old logs, straw bustyly, burns through in an instant.The heat was just enough to look, if you sit close to the fire for a long time to look at the colorful flames keenly listening to the crackle and rustle burns fireplaces and twigs.

Despite kolotun, established in their front room seemed to Morkovkina Shrovetide, Tanya ugnezdivalas every night in a cold bed, trying his breath warm tiny space, he hid his head under the blanket.She loved to dream, maybe so fast asleep and in a dream she dreamed of pancakes.Ruddy, with hrustinkoy at the edges, like little suns ...

morning a dream come true.From the door leading to the back of the house, attracted friends and family bread smell.Thundered pan on roug

h stones hearth.He hissed and swelled vesicular small mounds of sourdough pancake.Skovorodnikov under the deft hands of his mother flashed back and forth, ducking inside the furnace, exuding heat burns coal, then straight to the table where a clean towel growing stack of thin pancakes.It pancakes, started on utreshnike slightly dilute boiling water, to get a ospinki pattern.Nearby, in a deep saucer, exuding a sweet, amber gleaming cream.

was enough to reach out to grasp the edge of the still hot, with fervor, heat, Blintsov, fold it in half, and then more time to fit in the palm, and put him in a sour cream Goushchin.Few hold to nourish sweet treat, and, without delay, without wasting a drop, catch the lips, tongue, hastily swallowing saliva hungry.

Oh, not too often issued in their home such here pancake holidays, but if they happen, usually at Easter, Christmas or Pentecost, every time the mother remembered something intricate like themselves blintsy history.

... godmother, she's my aunt Nura, famous for the whole village consummate art (art is) the most delicious pancakes oven.And, indeed, as claimed by gossip, Anna Andriyanovne equal in this case was not in the neighborhood.

Her husband Stepan Romanovich worked veterinarian, often went on business trips to neighboring Bashkir villages.And no matter how late at night did not come back, he always found his wife in eager anticipation of his arrival.Fed and put to bed all of their six children and even overstay nephews, Anna Andriyanovna did not allow herself to intercept at least a piece of bread and kvas."Without Stepan for me no lunches or dinners," - she said to justify their expectations.

sat up late into the night, the couple discussed current affairs, scheduled to work on tomorrow.This ritual is repeated every day, and nothing could disturb the daily routine of the hard-working and friendly family.

Once Stepan Romanovich said:

- Nura, you know what people are hospitable Bashkirs.You would not go home until you feed them.And they have excellent hostess.Prepare delicious, Yum!Only I have nothing to thank them, but to tell them thank you very much.So, you'd baked for my friends in the neighboring Muinak their famous pancakes.I along with a recipe to share.Bashkir and good bread is baked, and belyashi and some delicious cakes they poluchayutsya¸ but the pancakes are not in vogue.

Quest received and Aunt Nura in the early morning began to work.Soon we woke up, hanging from the stove unkempt head and eagerly inhaling the aroma of pancakes.But we got this time quite a bit, for a snack before the soup.All that was baked that morning, Uncle Stepan took as goodies.

By evening, we forgot about the morning aunt Nyurinyh excitement and bustle, and only she would now and then looked at the road leading from Muinak.Herded cows.Beneath.Asked fresh grass for the night.And milk is passed through a separator, and washed the dishes, and the washed peregladili day laundry, and even swept the yard in two steps, and the owner's not going and not going.

Sitting on the corner of the shop in the summer kitchen, Aunt Nura fell asleep and did not hear the carriage drove into the yard.Careful not to wake the household, Stepan Romanovich began to unhitch the horse.Sensitively capturing the noise in the yard, the owner gave a start and his legs ran to her husband.

- Steve, so that was late - she asked, anxious voice.- Something happened on the farm, and so long?

- It happened - responded with a grin husband.- This happened, I do not know how to say, describe the situation.

- Yeah, tell me, how is - stir wife responded.

- At the far fending off I was.Where the milking herd grazes.Milkmaids - all young girls.Well, I think they'll give your Blintsov surprised Russian dish.And then the shepherds rushed to the camp, shouting, need help - the cow never Rastel.And it is at the far pasture.They rushed there.Your fairing me in the carriage and went down.In my haste, I forgot all about him.And while we telenochka rescues in the light of God, the dog breeds bundle that dragged into the bushes.There also enjoyed the way up to squeal.

This I then learned, but before that, he returned to the camp, began to crack up your cooking, they say, the lady for you, beauty, cooking ... And how put it in the bag, but he saw that it was empty, a little voice did not wail.It was a shame.

listened carefully to her husband, aunt Nura silently turned and walked to the house.Her drooping shoulders eloquently talked about how upset she is because of what happened with her goodies.Not reaching the threshold, she turned around and hopefully asked:

- Step, well at least you told them how to cook pancakes?

- And how! - A comforting voice responded spouse.- All recipes painted, without a hitch.And how to pour the flour and how to conceive, and at some fire-heat cooking.They even promised to me from the first sample-return gostinchik you send.For the tasting.So, calm down and went on, her mother, in Gorenka.It's too late.

took several months.Stepan Romanovich and his wife were invited to the anniversary of his colleague.They decided to go to hotels.Pancakes, as always, Aunt Nura were great fun!And when she presented the hostess still warm pancake stack, generously flavored with fresh cream, she smiled mysteriously and invited guests to the table.When the turn came to the pancake treats Anna Andriyanovna could not help exclaimed:

- Eat, eat, dear guests and hosts, such pancakes you never tried.They have a osobinkoy.

hostess in turn handed the guest a plate and said:

- And you, dear Anna-up, remove the sample from my treats.This is me just baked specially for you according to the recipe of your husband.

Everyone who was at the banquet table, did not know that Aunt Nyurino meal in a hurry simply forgot to file.And pancakes, so similar to its brand by taste and appearance, the guests took their own.We must pay tribute to the character of Anna Andriyanovny, but she was able to appreciate the diligence and skill of the mistress.When leaving home, Aunt Nura leaned toward her and said quietly:

- Thank you for having surpassed me in a pancake case.But the fact that the guests ate not mine, and your pancakes, let's leave it a secret.And Stepan Romanovich upset.

huddled shoulders, they went to the carriage by road is already dark, and every thought of his.Stepan Romanovich guessing about pancakes, wisely kept quiet to avoid being hurt the feelings of his wife.And in his heart he was proud that it was with a light hand of his mistress Bashkir village learned oven blintsy no worse than his Nura.