When the house repairs

All people are divided into those who have already gone through renovation and those who are yet to be.And if the first in a state of indescribable euphoria, not believing that all behind, then the second, listening to stories about the pitfalls experienced, lying in wait for newbies to get involved in repairs, thinking with horror: "And maybe Well it, this repair ?!ยป

But, as the old Russian proverb - the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing.We all want to live in a comfortable and beautiful apartment, regardless, the mansion if we have a few floors or small "hruschoby" on the top floor.Therefore, we must stop being afraid and try to derive maximum benefit from the stories of those who repair behind.

So, the decision is made, and you start to repair!It should be recalled that before the repair is required to make estimates.That is, you need to understand what you want to get a repair and how much it might cost splendor.To estimate was a real need consult with experts, read a bunch of relevant lite

rature, walk through the shops and markets of building materials and equipment.

But when your estimate ready, feel free to multiply the total by two - this would be the approximate cost of your repairs.Do not try to save or to meet the original estimates - Expensive and building materials, and repair services.

To make a close to the actual amount of payment for the work of masters, called a few companies, ask for quotations from private owners and the average output figure, from which will be repelled in negotiations with the masters.

most important component successful repair - this is the right choice for those artists who will be his do.Of course, we can find a team that needs only to express wishes and hand over the keys, but after a while you come into a clean and sparkling beauty of your apartment.

Such teams have their own designer which take into account all your wishes in advance and agree with you all sorts of alterations, color, choice of materials and so on.However, the cost of repair hands of such masters is comparable to the cost of the apartment, but because not everyone can afford.

But if you do decide to give up his apartment in the hands of non-professionals, talk to them frankly - ask advice on how you can do better than to save, and invest in what should be more money.Usually, people appreciate such an attitude and confidence so they can provide really useful and important tips.

And as masters easier, the vast majority of them have little interest in your concerns, suggestions and financial position - they want to earn.You can swear, you can not agree with this approach, but will not be able to brush off this fact.That is why it is very important how you choose masters and, of course, as you can agree on a common language and understanding with the team that was invited for the repair.

dwell on the choice.Of course, it is best to take the recommendations of friends, all the more so in this case you will be able to consider in detail the performance and compare with the work other teams.If such an option could not be found, you will have the most to do assessment of the quality of work performed.

For example, to assess the qualifications master tiler, you can invite him to lay tile on hidden from the eyes surface.These test items allow you to see the quality of work when no other option but to agree this should be the masters advance.We can explain that do not want to buy a "pig in a poke", the more so for the work you will still pay for the pre-specified rates.Thus, you can understand how qualifications invited Masters fit your requirements.

It is important to clearly set goals.That is, you must not only themselves understand what it is like to get their own money, but also be able to explain it to the workers.Otherwise, can prepare for a very different, and often, unpleasant surprises:. Plus costs freestyle interpretation of your instructions, lack of materials and equipment, etc.

sure to keep a record of expenses "Start a separate notebook and include your it all in detail: the costeach type of work to agreed deadlines and prices, the problem for every day.money payment is made only for completed and finished works, and the foreman, after receiving the money must sign in your notebook and put down the payment date and amount.

Set to the masters good relations, but Mr. forget that they work for you, and you pay them money, so have every right to demand from them the quality and proper execution of the terms of work.Attempts to establish friendly relations, excessive familiarity will lead to what will be difficult to demand something.But whims and constant dissatisfaction is also not the best way to affect mood people, and, consequently, the quality of their work.

Immediately when hiring stipulate completion dates, mode of operation and method of payment.Sign a contract with the team, which specify their demands for discipline and deductions from the total amount in the event of downtime through the fault of the workers, as well as an increase in the size of payment if downtime will be your fault.This will be true and certainly impact on the discipline of the workers.

Taking the work, do it carefully and carefully, paying attention to all the details.If you notice flaws or lack of proper quality, that clearly specify what exactly you are unhappy and together with the foreman, decide how you will be eliminated and the marriage produced Payment is for this specific workload.

In calculating the payment for the part of the work, all counts: the number of materials consumed, the area amount of time spent, etc. This is not pettiness and, conversely, cause Masters respectful to you and to the quality of their work..If you pay with interest, more than the workers actually earned it hello to the fact that in the future all of the requirements on their part would be too high.If you are very satisfied with the quality of work and attitude, and your means allow, it is better at the end of the work team to give the award.

If you are happy workers be sure to tell them that their team will recommend to their friends.It's good for you and team.You will be able to immediately provide service to both sides, and do you can always turn to the familiar masters in the case of need.

course, repair - is a big load, accompanied by a variety of emotions, that is, stress.Therefore it is very important to reduce the number of negative aspects to patiently wait for the completion of the work and enjoy a good result.To do this, do not spare the forces to repair organization to think through each step, be patient and do not worry about trifles.And the success of your event is guaranteed!