I avoid ...

We ourselves

We deceived ourselves as ridiculous spell, We ourselves had a sincere Couple phrase that unwittingly entwined in the hearts of promise - we love and love here and now!
We came up with a story, and it warmed us Among the severe frosts previous losses, pity, summed up the spring - could not, did not manage to lock up the first rainbow in past the door.In this last remaining Neither more nor less - Someone's wounded eyes of someone loyal eyes, and so defenseless From this was a spell of love - only HERE and NOW.
We wanted to save the fragile whispering breath, We would like to preserve the heart flared light, but in the future we Sterezhёt parting - I'm older than you, at an incredible year.Two hundred thousand hours - per abyss not overtake Dipper star in the darkness of Bootes, from rings and Sky sad and honest: You loved each other only here and now-

I avoid

avoided meeting views and screwed - up to one hundred believe / Thatwoman back side, so that I will miss.I call all this nonsens
e, continuing to circle around the edge, and involuntarily - after her, and dreamed about it?I dream.And she, not knowing anything, Everything takes me away from home, 'cause she a stranger, a stranger - Why languor in the shower?That's not fair: no demand - in the soul!Cigarette again broken.would come up, hug, so coward, and I lose it, I lose.But her carefree smile, 'Cause I'm not for her comfort, and so will probably forever - She does not have to otherwise.Because everything has become the past, irretrievably - a unique, Oh, how I was good, Oh, how I loved was the One who has forgotten everything, that to which all the pulls and pulls.Not called her - it is not easy.And mine will not.

Know how Know how to forgive a woman For light is not it you smile, Because futile all attempts to kiss her like before.Do not blame the woman and clinging at straws - in itself it is impossible to understand reproach rushed.Humble yourselves, if you should know What she stopped loving you?After all, there is no force in the world you do not return the love again.Let silence her sadness and you in no way recognized - Maybe it had to part with those without whom it hurts to live?Do not dare to interfere with a woman in the shower Keep your hope - She, detached by removing clothing, you too will have something to forgive.