About Firochku , Izya and twist of fate

Say what you like, but each of us happen in life instructive moments, knowing that we ripen.We can say the experience of typing, and conclusions about my life right thing to do.But especially good if we do the right conclusions, learning from other people's stories, rather than on their own.What am I talking about?Here's a story that I remember many years.

I once lived in the Jewish quarter of the city of Chisinau on the street Zhukovsky.It is close to St. Mary Chel Park (Stephen the Great).In our quarter of the people living extraordinary.And the most incredible stories happened there, and for the participants on the one hand, it seems like a tragedy, but if on the other hand to look, then laughter can overstrain.

risible In our yard there was a one story: romance, tragicomedy, dramkomediya - what you like, and call!She lived there Firochka, she Fira Solomonovna.The size Firochka was a lovely elephant - meter on.She had a husband, Izzy - puny, puny such low shoots, but the best shoemaker in the entir

e quarter.He sat in a corner of the yard and all the bale-bale hammer their performing high-end work.

They lived with Firochkoy long, almost a happy life.Due to its skillful hands, Izzy the white bun much caviar jar earned.Short legs with their every day Izzy trotted home to his corner, and then back home from work.This suited the "baby" Firochku.And when at the end of the twentieth century turned her husband as much as 56 years old, she decided pity wife - who is also her had never been on vacation.

Firochka passionately and zealously bustled.Everything was running somewhere.With someone to negotiate.And in the hands of her voucher at sea in Odessa.All for a loved one!Let pootdyhaet.Let typed forces chief earner family.He deserved vacation!

All his thoughts, intentions and thoughts about their troubles for Ize - gold worker - Firochka detail painted the whole court, putting in those confessions all his great soul.The nobility of her royal act raised, excites interest and care of yard companions.They admired her act.Kind woman!Well done!Firochka - clever!Her wide soul knows no bounds!God will certainly reward her !!!

And Izzy does not agree to leave his beloved job and the most expensive and precious Firochku, justifying the fact that it is difficult to be a shoemaker without the city.How long, oh how long he resisted a shoemaker, but Fira won!Being an obedient spouse, Izechka still pulled away on holiday, by as much as 24 days of leaving the city and a favorite Firochku.

But what is that ?!Already 34 days have passed.Already two months were on the wane, and the husband and the shoemaker and did not appear.And here comes a telegram that read the entire Jewish quarter.It was reported there that loves Izzy Firochku continue, but will not return, because it captured the true passion.His heart took the Princess Odessa, a certain Rachel."I can come over ... No, things are not necessary if only ... take away the shaving accessories, - a letter from Easy sounded sentence: I'll come to say goodbye to you, Firochka.No offense, but the next 56 years will stay with his young wife in Odessa-mother. "

Cries and laments, what is the soul poured Firochki heard all Chisinau.On the one hand - all sympathized.On the other - this merry play neither honored the theater will not give.Even paying a lot of money, such talk will not hear.Firochkiny lament: "bale to bale and currently hammer.And then I sent him to rest?Why did I do that?My tyukalschik jar ikgy (calf) are often brought.Tasty kgasnuyu ihgu (caviar), I ate it with spoons.A tepekg (now) no bale-bale, no shoemaker, no ikghy (calf) and supguga (spouse) are not.Goghod (city) without gokgoshego (good) mastegha (master) remained.And I'm alone".

And exactly one year later came the ex-husband of Fira, Izzy Haimovich, shoemaker, but not in the short Zamarashkin pants.He and gait changed, and his shuffling somewhere vanished.As the image came down - it was a London dandy.Even in a hat.New wife completely redid it.He came to visit, because, despite Rachel Firochka was not a stranger - heart ached for her.

Long Firochka be upset that the unexpected turnover of unforeseen events in her already, become bitter life ... But as they say, there would be a blessing in disguise.On Firochku square shape, but good-hearted, his bright eyes put one invisible at first glance, but very happy Jew, not so long ago buried his faithful little wife.Fira him if the Lord Himself gave.All they somehow by itself, and very harmoniously arranged.And the word was not long, and special attentions are not needed.So again twisted the fate of their souls, he has established good relations with their former friends.As in a fairy tale, they were pulled toward at each other ...

A story that I'm here for what reason has undertaken to tell.Could not one month over the details of porphyrins former grief to have fun, but we're not monsters, and not some sadistic.You can not laugh at the misfortune of others.Judge themselves - who would say, where someone loses, and who find?On the one hand - "God forbid", on the other - "God has given."And on the third hand - Zaid Gizynd!(Health World).

It turns out that in my story, each character received at parting happiness: a shoemaker - Rachel, and Fira was not left without a gift of fate - she soon got himself a new Izya, though not a shoemaker and fishmonger Fima, it is suitable forresidence.Hence, the need to part skillfully, myself and others life is not spoiled.