The rise at six am

She was married at twenty-six, Varvara Orlova left for a maiden name.Barbara was a distant relative of ordenonosnogo artist, danced on the gun in the "Circus", and knew where their common surname gone.Pride did not allow to become Tarasova.And babies born a year apart - the son of Victor and daughter Anastasia - she recorded like eagles.

husband - an employee of the Ministry of Heavy Industry, did not mind.His very little interested in the family - the wife of this work was Tarasova.However, it happened that vacation they spent together, the four of us, in good departmental sanatorium.There husband forgot about the new tanks and thought of his wife and children.Not for long.

these children grew Orlov: son sooner reached for military affairs, successfully entered first in the academy, and then - in the Higher Military School.The daughter just turned out incredibly beautiful, since childhood preparing himself for the role of wife and hostess.And they live happily, sometimes only at the blue sky family a

ssailed by dark clouds.But they were local, decisive character.

Happened at work Tarasova conflict - acceptance inspector from the Ministry of Defense refused to accept the new tank.The scandal reached the level of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee.Here Andrei Petrovich showed strong character: personally sat at the controls of combat vehicle and brilliantly performed all of the most difficult exercises on the firing range.Watch this former tank Brezhnev applauded in admiration, and the selection committee had no choice but to sign acts.Tarasova was awarded the State Prize, and the money has been bought "Volga", on which the family traveled to the dacha in the suburbs.By the way, this is where Anastasia met her future husband her - the son of the general of the army, Anatoly.

were other occasions when the family was declared anxiety.Once the son is already five minutes to the officer hit his boss.There was a court of honor, the investigation was conducted and found that offended the captain was an ordinary thief, whom Victor found at the crime scene.Oddly asked Barbara, Tarasov refused to intervene - so was convinced of the innocence of his son.Victor received a lieutenant's shoulder straps and went to serve in a part near Pskov, and after five years, is already a first lieutenant, landed in Afghanistan.I wrote cheerful, encouraging letters.

returned home in December 88 th.The coffin was sealed in zinc, lowered into the pit chilled, covered with frost.Standard grave dug graveyard workers did not want to take the coffin - was too narrow for a large box.Varvara dry eyes watched as the little man in a padded jacket with a cigarette in his teeth chipped deftly otёsyvaet one of the walls of the grave.Second, the same little man (she has thought out of place: "They that are selected specifically so similar?"), A shovel thrown out top cleaved clods of frozen clay.The husband - Andrei Petrovich - muffled sobbing in the back seat service "Volga" under the supervision of a doctor from "Kremlin hospital" - the first time in his life his heart trembled under a blow damn trouble.

On the fortieth day of the death of Victor Tarasov was really bad, and on the way to the hospital he died.Rescuer could not start his heart, covered with scars from multiple microinfarcts.Family opolovinilas.And lost men - the main and most reliable support.

daily life of two women - Varvara and Anastasia, in fact, has not changed.Both their men forever disappeared from the house.Andrei Petrovich on mission - to the tank firing ranges and secret factories.Victor - in parts, where he served.Therefore, the food was prepared, as before, for two.Cleaning and laundry engaged alternately.

Somehow, examining the debris in the attic, Varvara found a box of letters that they sent to her husband and son.She claimed her to him, and gently laid on the night sending dates.Epistle Tarasova - dryish, jerky, Pestryaev technical terms.Through the large, firm handwriting - only hints at the warmth of the fact that he missed, loved and in a hurry as soon as possible to see.

son always wrote in detail, although he was, as they say, "the military bone."Not a word about the difficulties.As if from a fascinating journey he had sent reports: saw, what to eat, with whom he met.Recent letters from Afghanistan altogether as valokordin, soothing: everything is good, quiet, range - exotic: mountains, rivers, beautiful flowers, donkeys, local customs and culture.And Photo - darkened, sunken face under the panama hat, shade covering his son's eyes.Inscription on the backside, which did not pay attention earlier: "My dear mother See you soon your son.".We saw.

first tears welled up in his blue eyes Varvara.We saw.And forever parted.How much time has passed since the funeral of his son, and then - husband?Already early summer playing outside greenery, and in the ears - volleys of machine gunners, buying it commissar, ringing blows ice earth clods of zinc box."He was killed in the performance of international duty" - inscription on a monument to a government.She put the letter in the box and hid it in his secretary.He threw a shawl over her shoulders, as if she was cold in the summer heat, and went into his daughter's room.Nastia immediately interrupted by a phone conversation, noticed traces of tears in the eyes of my mother.Varvara sat on the edge of the couch and touched her hand knees daughters:

- Nastya, get married and give birth to my grandchildren.

- Mom, I thought this wait at least a year.

- Do not be put off.I wish that would be here - she gestured apartment - silence is over and children's laughter sounded.And here to smell the man.Get out.

- Okay, Mom.I will give their consent Sergei.

- Sergei - a great party.He is reliable, I see it.- I relieved Varvara.

summer, in the heat played a wedding at the dacha outside Moscow.Tables were placed under the cherry and apple trees, planted his hands Andrei Petrovich and Victor.In good playing, having fun.There were no scandals.Only neighbor - a former village accordion player, who lost his hand in Afghanistan, upivshis, crying, hugging one arm apple tree near the fence.Young moved to live in an apartment Orlov.They were three eagles.By coincidence Nasty husband wore the same surname.Between the apartment is called "Eagle's Nest".Back in the house the smell of leather belts and military appeared on the hanger shape - Sergei served in the "Arbat Military District", in the General Staff.

The coming 91-th year has brought many changes to the family of eagles.Varvara-law left the service, explaining that the oath he gave another country - the Soviet Union, and is not going to change once given word.Looking at Sergei, Orlov Sr. thought - "But my Victor would have done exactly the same."Father Sergei, General Orlov, dissuaded his son, but he decided to change it and did not intend.Just as General Orlov in his youth, in the battles for Belarus when rested in its decision and even under pain of death had surgery as conceived it, and he was right.He received the Order of Suvorov and new, gold-embroidered straps.

"Have it your way" - he sighed, and stepped back.Great communication General, and its own wit, gave Sergei opportunity organically integrate into a new life - the life of a businessman.he organized a successful company together with three of his comrades in the service.And especially not knowing the needs, eagles began to live even better.But the material well-being of little interest to Varvara.She was waiting for family allowances, but Sergei until he was in a hurry with the children, although Nastia tried to persuade him to have a child.

- patience, Nastya.Here okrepnem then give birth to three.And now the situation precarious.At any moment, anything can go head over heels.Competitors shake - do not defend ourselves, will remain with nothing.Yes, and with a child in her arms.We'll wait.

Nastya did not dare to object.Her husband - the head of the family.We waited three years, until the Eagles struggled for a place under the sun.At the end of 94 th Anastasia, nice blushing mother reported the news: "I'm pregnant."Rejoiced Varvara without being pious, he went to the temple and generously arranged the candles at the faces of all the saints, clumsily cross.In July 95th Nastia successfully gave birth to twins.At the door of the hospital her husband met with a huge bunch of flowers, and rejuvenated, happy mother.

brought children into the apartment, and Varvara zealously took Nastia help in caring for them.The boy was named Andrew, in honor of his grandfather, and the girl - Victoria in memory of Victor.Dream Orlova, senior come true: silence cracked home with the sound of children.In-law, as it has always been with men of their family, days lost at work.And the women were engaged in children and the house.

Once Varvara returned from the church, which has become increasingly go and see lately.In the elevator door hung a sign "repair", and she had to walk to climb to his sixth floor.On the ground floor in front of her, she saw a man lying.In the twilight, in passing, I thought: "wandered drunk, or what?", But stepping over outstretched legs male shoes on recognized in-law.Bending down to it, he recoiled.Gray and his eyes were wide open and staring at her at point blank range, and a wide, clean Sergei forehead there was a small neat hole.At the rear, out of the head, natekla large pool of blood.Varvara cried out and fell next in-law without feelings.

In herself she came to the hospital ward.To move an arm or leg could not, if she was swaddled.A little squinting, saw a number of something black.I wanted to call someone, but only escaped from the throat hoarse croak.Immediately black shadow darted to her.Varvara learned daughter - Anastasia was in mourning.

- Mom!Mommy!- Sobs choked further word daughter.

But my mother could not answer her.Only the sky-blue eyes looked with pain at her grief-stricken."I'm paralyzed," - guessed Varvara.It is a word spoken hour ago, Dr. Sargsyan:

- Alas, your mother is paralyzed.Hope is almost no.We are waiting for what might come to life.

Anastasia, just buried her husband, she asked the doctor to stay in the mother's room."Please, but not for long" - he shrugged his thick shoulders.He had many patients who were waiting for a miracle from him.And from experience he knew that miracles are rare.In his private practice, they were not at all.

In the New Year's Eve Anastasia hurried home - children are there waiting for her paralyzed mother and that she took from the hospital immediately, as soon as allowed by doctors.Who is there in their apartment, it disposes of all hired for big money nurse and a nurse at the same time - a harsh, reticent, but the skillful and hardworking Aunt Zoe.

The house had to pass only through the Square and walk through the neighboring yard.In the courtyard caught Nastya tall, long-haired man and swung wide, hit a young woman on the head with a scrap metal reinforcement.Fox hat a little to soften the blow, and Nastya, falling immediately rolled over on his back, trying to fix the bleary eyes of the attacker.The long-haired, intercepting valve to the right hand, with all his strength drove its pointed end in the chest, which is oozing with milk.Gasp, Nastya died instantly.The attacker, with trembling hands searched his coat pockets, ripped from his neck a gold chain with a pendant, earrings ripped from their ears, picked up the bag Orlova, ran into the park.Her cooled corpse discovered in the morning the janitor.

lying in his room Varvara vainly waited his daughter two days.She came to her only aunt Zoe.Helms silently changed clothes, wiped with a sponge body and went to the children.On questioning looks paralyzed woman averted her eyes and frowned more than usual.New Year's Eve aunt Zoe went to Varvara.Pursed his lips, he stood and spoke for the first time in a low voice:

- Hostess.That's what.I need to be away for the night.I fed the children to bed and packed.In the morning I come.Do not worry - a little more stood and walked away.

Varvara slept restlessly, several times during the night and woke up from the noise of exploding firecrackers in the streets and soaring rockets.Finally, when the rumble died down a bit, she was fast asleep.She dreamed of the Virgin.Our Lady came silently into the room and stood at the window, looking out into the street, where the fun carefree citizens.

- Holy Mary!Tell me - what with my daughter?- Varvara asked the silent figure in white robes.

Virgin turned to her and gestured upward.Instantly bitter tears filled face Orlova, senior, and clouded with tears melted window silhouette of St. Mary.Varvara woke up crying from their grandchildren.Listen closely - not heard whether steps Aunt Zoe?No, she could not hear the cries of the children's efforts - whether nurse, or not come.The cries of children grew louder and louder, bear tore her weak heart and a strong mind.And suddenly, as if remembering how to do this, she got up from the bed.Infidelity, swinging gait reached the child and approached the crib screaming grandson and granddaughter.

finished bottle of milk stood on the table.Varvara took them, got to the kitchen and heated up in a pan with hot water, poured from the tap.I went back and gave the bottle for each child.Creek immediately stopped.Orlova weak hands changed diapers for children, again went to the kitchen and make coffee.Wearily sat down on a stool, drinking coffee, trying to calm the trembling of the hands and feet.calm down a bit, she glanced at the wall clock - exactly six o'clock in the morning.The time at which it is normally used to wake up the whole life ...