Secure the danger , or whether it is possible to smoke without harming your health ?

around smoking, there are many myths.And, perhaps, the most common of them says that smoking can be safe.At the same time the views of different people on this issue differ: some say that is not harmful to smoke a pipe, the other - that cigar, others prefer electronic cigarettes.And in fact - whether there are safe forms of smoking, or is it still a myth?

harm to the whole organism

is well known that smoking is harmful to the body.However, it is important to note that the smoker is detrimental not just to a single organ or system - is a negative impact on the whole body.

Nicotine - poison that affects brain function.In small doses, it causes excitation of the cortex, and then - depression, which reduces efficiency.

Chronic exposure to nicotine leads to depletion of nerve cells and the development of

functional nervous disorders.Smokers often have headaches, dizziness, loss of memory, attention weakened, disturbed coordination of movements.

Smoking reduces muscle strength: as experiments have s

hown, through the 5-10 minutes after smoking a cigarette muscle strength is reduced by 15%, which is important in industries related to physical labor.

Smokers marked by higher rates of disability: According to US statistics, due to the incapacity of smokers number of additional lost days has reached 77 million a year (across the country).

Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, particularly myocardial infarction.Statistics show that the probability of the disease in a person smokes per day 20 or more cigarettes, three times more than a non-smoker.

Tobacco smoke irritates the oral cavity, causing excessive salivation, besides, combustion of tobacco products adversely affect the stomach and intestines.

well known adverse effect of smoking on the lungs, which is literally "hammered" products of tobacco combustion.In addition, when exposed to tobacco smoke increases the risk of lung cancer.

All of the above - not a complete list of the problems that occur in the body of the smoker.And, realizing the danger of this habit, many are trying to ... no, do not quit, but find an alternative - the so-called "safe smoking".However, if it exists?

uncontested failure!

Unfortunately smoking adherents, safe ways to keep this habit does not exist."How so?- Asked by many.- It is so often said

that, for example, smoking pipes shall not be harm, and even electronic cigarettes is generally viewed as a panacea in the fight against addiction to tobacco.Or, in extreme cases, you can choose cigarettes with lower tar content harmful to gradually quit smoking at all ... ยป

consider every option.Cigarettes with low tar - is tempted to smoke more.As a rule, those who switch to "light" cigarettes, eventually compensate for the lack of nicotine their number.Moreover, there is evidence that people who smoke cigarettes nizkonikotinovye, deep drag on, which increases the risk of developing lung cancer.

cigar smokers can also leave with the idea that this type of smoking is relatively safe, because cigar smoke is not drawn into the lungs.Indeed, cigar smoking reduces the risk of lung cancer by 50-60%, but at the same time 3-4 times increased risk of cancer of the larynx, throat and mouth.

Electronic cigarettes, which are currently considered the best alternative to a conventional cigarette, and the best way to quit smoking, can also conceal a danger.The fact that these cigarettes are different: with and without nicotine.If you choose nicotine cigarette, the result is the same as smoking.If the electronic cigarette nicotine, it really helps to stop smoking, since when it used the habit of smoking is not cut off abruptly.However, even non-nicotine cigarette smokers is recommended to start gradually to pass smoke breaks that habit left and forgotten.