What water should we drink?

doctors, beauticians, nutritionists from all sides insist that the day should drink at least two liters of water.But all is not so simple, because even need to drink water wisely!Let's see, what to drink, when and how much?

Tap water .It often exceeded the maximum allowable concentration of Deleuze and chlorine.Chlorine in contact with organic matter forms a far from harmless compounds, which also can accumulate in the body.

Boiled water .Boiling removes water from chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, making it softer and kills germs.But this water is tasteless, but if allowed to stand, then very soon there will lodge germs again.You can boil water in an open container, give it to settle and drain the lower third, and then store what's left in the refrigerator, but not for long.

Carbonated water .It is good tones and refreshes, but contains carbonic acid, which irritates the stomach causes heartburn and burping, so for a long time to drink it is not necessary.To all of the soda came out carbon dioxide, yo

u need, at a minimum, to keep it open for three days.

Drinking water .On the bottle with ordinary drinking water TU inscription must stand 0131. Such water must pass a serious clean up, and then enriched with minerals.

water first category only harmless to health and the water of the highest category - is "physiologically full" - contains all essential trace elements.

Scientists have found that when a person loses the breath of 0.32 liters of water per day, so the human body, with the proviso of being in a temperate climate, allocates about 2.5 liters of water per day, or about 10 glasses of water!

And in the heat and exertion of moisture loss increases and reaches 4.5-5 liters per day.It is clear that the loss of moisture must always be replenished, so it is recommended to drink 6-7 glasses of water a day for normal body functioning.Some of the water comes into contact with the food we eat, and the small amount of water (about 0.3 liters) is formed in the body.

number necessary for human water depends on many factors such as complexion, physical activity, health status, and it is individual for each person.Drink a glass of water before breakfast and then drink throughout the day at regular intervals.

If you exercise, you need to drink 0.5 liters of water for half an hour before your workout and the same afterwards, because an hour of intense exercise, you can lose up to 1.5 liters of fluid.