Habit is stronger?

Probably every smoker sooner or later there is a desire to stop smoking, though not all succeed.Someone scolds insufficiently strong character, someone comes up with a thousand excuses, but, at heart, a desire to be independent of a bad habit to have everyone!

And that just did not take family and friends who care about the health of smokers ?!In the course of going and kind words, the most convincing arguments, requests, appeals, conclusive results of medical studies that conclusively proven that addiction to nicotine is a harmful and dangerous to health.

But astrologers say that is who, how and why the smoke is determined by the stars.Composed astrologers horoscope shows how to can get rid of nicotine slavery born under this or any other sign of the zodiac.Maybe we should try to quit smoking again?

CAPRICORN belongs to passionate smokers, therefore, usually throws only if he faces a serious risk of narrowing of the blood vessels or heart attack.

AQUARIUS mostly opponents of nicotine, but if yo

u still smoke, you can throw caution or under the influence of a convincing argument.

FISH largely deaf to calls - they quit smoking only if convinced that addiction to nicotine reduces their productivity at school, work, sports, and even love.

OWEN usually an outcry if its call to quit.But if he says "no", then you never touch a cigarette.

TAURUS - hard case: belief it does not affect.With very few exceptions can not say goodbye to cigarettes.

TWINS easy to persuade, as soon as possible to get rid of an addiction.The only problem is that it is easy to throw, they are just as easy to start smoking again.

CANCER also did not have long to convince - usually he does not close his eyes to harmful habits, including smoking.

LION distinguishes a strong will, if it decides that quit smoking, then he keeps his word.But after a while come to a new decision and then again smoking a cigarette.

VIRGO even if you smoke one after the other, can quit once and for all.

SCALES - Ā«meek" smokers, they do not let others smoke under his breath.However, they do not actively join the ranks of non-smokers.

SCORPIO can be persuaded to quit not only the fact that it is injurious to health, but also the fact that expensive.

SAGITTARIUS although it does not belong to the stubborn, hard type, but does not tolerate dependence.And since the smoking habit he perceives as a kind of shackles, he has enough strength to get rid of them.

this point, as they say, you want to - believe it or - no, but everyone can use this horoscope on your own.Better, of course, do as Virgo, which is able to quit smoking once and for all.