Visiting a beauty treatment ...

But Rospotrebsoyuz August 1, introduced new rules for hairdressers and other places, in which the care of appearance.Know these new requirements it is necessary not only by the masters and owners of establishments, but also visitors to protect their rights in the event of a problem or conflict.So what the requirements are now imposed?

If the barber shop employee finds a client lice, he will have to stop work and to send him to an institution, bathing and delousing establishment for protivopedikuleznyh events and consultations.Tools and linen used in customer service, which discovered the lice will be subjected to disinfestation.the customer will collect hair in a sealed plastic bag, treated with a special anti-lice agent and disposed of.

By the way, in the very barbershop should be allocated a separate room for disinfection, cleaning and sterilization of instruments.

salons pedicure, massage, body piercing, tattooing, cosmetic treatments and solarium should not be located in the same room.

strictly forbidden the presence of rodents and insects in all main and back rooms.

Combs, brushes, scissors, clamps, rollers, caps, mesh for a chemical wave of hair should be washed after each client, and removable blades, shaver cleaned twice swab dipped in a special disinfectant.

All cut hair should be collected in a closed scoop straight from the chair, and then placed in sealed bags.Then they are placed in the back room for storage for subsequent disposal.

Reuse bags and garbage bags are not allowed, also prohibits them shake the container for household waste.Remove cut hair from the face of the barber is permitted only pure individual cloth or cotton swab, but not with a brush to remove cut hair.

The pedicure room must have at least two baths for feet and a separate sink for hand washing.However, the allowed presence of a bath with the use of disposable liners.After each procedure trays and instruments are sterilized.

According to the approved regulations for the prevention of HIV and hepatitis, all manipulations in which the contamination of the hands with blood may occur, should be wearing rubber gloves.All damage of the skin (scrapes, cuts, etc) salon employee should isolate the plaster or fingertip

Now about beauty parlors.They can be equipped with three workstations only if they are between the partitions.

The cabin solarium maximum temperature is set at around 28 degrees, and in the room - 18-24 degrees.After each client's cabin is disinfected.If a person wants to take advantage of the vertical solarium, it must be given a disposable towel to lay a floor of the cockpit, or slippers.

Also, customers should have easy access to full information on visiting the solarium, including a requirement to use special glasses, allowed the session, depending on the skin type, the possible harm from the procedure, etc.

employees of beauty salons are required to have a first aid kit, which includes alcohol, iodine, adhesive plaster, bandages, latex gloves, water tank breeding sample of manganese-sour potassium 50 ml.

Pay attention to personal hygiene (after each customer's hands are washed with soap and water, skin hand sanitizer used in beauty salons, hair dyed in rubber gloves, workplace ban on smoking and eating).