Tea in French - the rules of the tea table etiquette

for tea in France has its own characteristics, making it the refined pastime.Invited to tea, guests gather in the living room or the largest room and located on the sofas and chairs.Guests share the news, are a lively conversation, get acquainted.At this time, you can submit an aperitif.

When everyone gathered in the living room is made in advance laid tea table.Traditionally, oval or round tea table covered with a linen tablecloth color of soft pastel colors (mostly yellow shades, at least - white).Napkins - in tone tablecloths.If

banquet-tea arranged in honor of the bride or familiarity with the bride's parents, the table covered with a white lace tablecloth and decorate any colors or white flowers tea rose.

Tea set on a large German silver tray.Right beside placed nipple, vase with jam, sugar bowl with sugar, lemon in a special bowl-limonnitse or on an elegant dish.

Dessert plates and sockets (the number of guests) is laid on the table stacks, devices (teaspoons, forks for cakes, fruit knives) -

next to the napkins, the fruit is served in the high vases in the center of the table.Ashtrays, matches, lighters, cigarettes and cigarettes put on a separate table.

tea usually pours herself mistress and confectionery, cream, sugar, honey, etc. should decompose and serve guests her daughter or one of his close relatives or friends.

at a table in the first place should be invited guests, older age.The eldest daughter or relative of monitors so that guests do not have difficulty in choosing food, brings tea, removes the used dishes.

If tea is offered rum, liqueur or brandy, then together with a cup of tea served on a tray with a glass of drink.Bottles with a drink on the tea table is not set, and poured them into subsidiary serving table.If a guest wanted another cup of tea, the owner fills it again at his desk, and assistant serves tea.If left in the cup berries, lemon or tea grounds, the hostess is obliged to replace it.If

banquet-tea arranged for special occasions, the champagne served after tea.After tea guests are offered fruits and sweets, roasted nuts, organizing dances, games, and other entertainment.In a break between dances will be very useful cold tea drinks.