You want to find the treasure ?

It is clear that not everyone has the time, money and other opportunities to travel around the country and to engage in serious excavations of burial mounds and ancient settlements or to travel to exotic islands in search of pirate treasure.But treasures and so good that they can be hidden anywhere.The most important thing is not to get captured by stereotypes and do not dream of the uninhabited islands - a haven of pirates.

can try to find the treasure, even in his own apartment.No, no, do not start to scrutinize their flats.But if you live in an old house built before the Revolution, and in the mansion, there are hundreds of years old, the chance to find the treasure, without leaving your home, you have.

To get started, try to tap the wall.If somewhere arranged a hiding place, a place that definitely respond thud.The newspapers wrote, immediately after the revolution in Nizhny Novgorod, the Red Army found in the wall of the house of the merchant hid Kamensky good: dishes, jewelery, coins.merchant hi

mself hurriedly emigrated abroad, but take with a value not in time.

can view and plumbing, of course, if it have not changed since then, as your house was built.However, the treasure may not be ancient, but quite modern.Remember how the character of Bulgakov's novel "Master and Margarita" hid received a bribe in the cistern, and a detective Polish writer Joanna Chmielewska in the same place hiding incriminating documents offender.Therefore, if the former owners of the apartment you got a bathroom with antiquated facilities, and do not worry, before taking up the repair and replacement of the old plumbing, as it should, check it.

And if you have a house in the village, and even your great-grandfather built, then investigate it thoroughly, before demolish and build a new cottage, is a must.And, of course, first of all we need to explore underground.This cave has always been considered the safest place in order to save something from prying eyes.But treasures can be concealed not only in the cellar, they can lie down and under the floorboards - many times in the literature describes such caches, so carefully inspect the old floor, paying attention to every detail.

may serve as a hiding place and a Russian stove - check the bricks, and suddenly one of them is removed, opening the way to the treasure ?!Do not forget the attic.Perhaps as a child you thought it the most mysterious place in the house, because there are always old and holds many such interesting things.

still found in attics, if not treasure, but a lot of these values, because our great-grandmother, grandmother, what really must admit, and we ourselves, do not try to throw out the old stuff, and lay them out - suddenly come in handy.And if the house is old, and lived in it for generations, then surely you can find a lot of interesting things.By the way, carefully inspect the antique furniture - it often made secret lockers.And that was stored there - you will see for yourself.

your old house surrounded by a large portion?It is clear that all of his dig - it's too hard work.But, if you are armed with a metal detector, the treasure hunt, no doubt, will accelerate and significantly lighter.

However, before looking for treasures with the help of vines: cut a willow stick in the form of a slingshot and went about the alleged plot with the treasure.And over the place where the treasure is buried, the vine began to move.Similarly, and looking for water, because in areas where water is close, vine also moved.So, if you find the treasure, then choose the most opportune place for the well.

But remember - the people have always believed that the treasure is not given to everyone, but only to those who deserve it.So do not despair if you do not find anything.Who knows, maybe fate still turn to you and open the way to the treasures!