Uninvited guest

In Europe prim man in the street it is guaranteed tranquility in the evening after a hard day.But in Russia, no one is safe from accidental visit old friends, colleagues or relatives suddenly nagryanuvshaya.This may surprise and shock the home team, because on this day they may feel bad, and the apartment can be a catastrophically running.

But if an unexpected guest yet appeared on your doorstep, in any case, do not panic - all fixable, so how to prepare to receive unexpected visitors can be as little as 15 minutes.

Put tea - freshly brewed tea in any way useful.Then you need to freshen up, so rather than go to the fridge and the bathroom.Quickly rinse, wash and posushite head: guests gathered to enjoy because, first of all, on you, not on your TV.Doing particularly complicated hairstyle or make-up, and elegant look for a toilet is not necessarily important - that you had a feeling of freshness, and this will impact on all of your appearance.

If your apartment is cluttered, then pay attention primari

ly on the living room, where, in general, and will be welcome guests.The large capacity (laundry basket, bucket, garbage bag), dump everything is not in place, starting with the dresses and ending with trinkets.All that eyesore, remove the closet in the back room - after the departure of all guests will be spread out where to apply.

eliminate the following morning breakfast in bed or on the coffee table, carried out on the dirty kitchen utensils.At the most prominent places wipe dust, wipe the window sills and tables.Scattered newspapers and books add up to smooth the edges of the stack parallel to the surface on which they lie.

Remove anything that may be needed (albums with photographs, plates and glasses), to once again not to open cases at a party and close all doors.

Pull the table middle of the room and its Cover the clean cloth.If such was not, remove the dirty tablecloth and place plastic or oilcloth napkins.If you have an old vase or ikebana floral collage, you can move the center of the table.

Maker you already boiled.Now look at what you can make.If there is even tea, then you can look in the medicine cabinet of some herbal tea, which includes mint, thyme, lemon balm, and so on. D. Give it for green tea "Iron Bodhisattva from the mountains of Yunnan", which you supposedly gave your Chinese partners.The worst of it nobody will, perhaps only in the pot throw.

Then remember the classic phrase of "advice to young housewives" and the unforgettable Grand Duchess Elena kulinarka our Molokhovetz: "If you suddenly come to visit, send a man into the cellar of ham, pickles, fruit liqueurs ..." our cellars since become muchmodest, but each of us has a certain prosperity.

In everyone's life similar story can happen when the call alert and slightly faltering voice best friend say into the phone: 'Bear (Masha), we go to you ... The whole team ... We are five (seven).No, no, do not have to drink, we have a full arsenal realized only something to eat. "Of course, it will not happen tonight, but to this call must be prepared.

So look in your refrigerator.There has to be kept in an adequate range of products.The freezer store frozen meat and a spare pack of butter.A wide range of frozen vegetable mixes, too, unable to withstand other than freezing, storage mode.Good will look in the freezer area and a free throw to get a safety round cakes pile-pit in the package.If you suddenly find that, in the house there is no bread, such insurance will save.This bread is thawed for 5 minutes in the oven in a pan with the lid closed, or in the microwave for 1 minute.

If you do not have a pizza in the freezer, it is easy to cook.For this purpose, a frozen dough blanks needed.In general, the pizza - it is extremely democratic dish, including tomato sauce, tomatoes and onions, sliced, slices of sausage and cheese nastrogat.20 minutes in the preheated oven - and, satisfied and happy, praising your culinary skills.

Within 15 minutes, preparing crumbly rice, for 5 minutes - frozen liver (cut it slices and fry), within 5 minutes of Chinese cabbage (lettuce) disassembled into leaves, they are lined with plates, they overlap hill of rice and piecesliver, placed next to the soy sauce.Thus, in 15 minutes you have prepared a typical Chinese Buffet.If there is still a few sets of chopsticks, then you pass for the original.

even easier and more exotic dish - Spanish-Mexican tapas.This is nothing like tapas (small sandwiches) - thin (1 cm thick) slices of bread fried in butter until yellow.They are cut into pieces with a wide phalanx of the thumb - this is the first layer.Hunting kruglyashami sausages cut 5 mm thick and stacked on bread - a second layer.Bulgarian pepper baked on a baking sheet to blackening the skins, which ripped off, and the pepper cut into squares with a side of 2 cm and placed on a sausage - it is the third layer.Cubes of cheese in olive oil is poured into 5 mm thick fourth layer up.Half of olives - a fifth layer.After that is taken toothpick pierced all like kebabs and 30-40 of barbeque set (it upright!) On a platter.At the sight of these barbeque tapas nagryanuvshaya people enthuses.

House is wise to keep a strategic reserve of "Feta" cheese, which is cut into cubes, put in a jar, pour spices, there is added halved olives (of course, without seed), it all poured olive oil and waiting in the wings.By the way, this dish - a great breakfast.

Available snacks in the house you need to quickly and beautifully arranged on the plates - and here's your table for an unexpected guest is already sparkling splendor.Do not despair if your culinary skills are presented is not at its best: a long time say that the unexpected guest - a housewife is no demand!

You needed to think about how to take an unexpected visitor in conversation, how to spend time.Do not reproach a guest because he appeared without warning, even to understand that precede the visit even-up the next time it is desirable at least because you could not be at home.

It may also happen that unexpected guest turned out to be quite out of place: you are going to leave, unwell, in the house quarrel or some kind of trouble, etc. Then it is necessary to invite a guest into the house, offer a cup of tea and honestly say that you are glad to see.but at the moment you can not give him enough time to communicate.

happens so that no warning came guests have more time than you can pay them.Here, too, we should say at once that you are glad to see friends, but, unfortunately, after two hours you need to be elsewhere and express the wish that the next time you phoned in advance, so as not to have to rush.

If you want to visit your unexpected guests was short, do not make a table of snacks and drinks - quite enough tea, candy, cookies.After drinking a cup of tea should be invited to the second, and after the failure can be removed from the table, leaving only candy.

And, most importantly, remember that the visit of uninvited and without warning can cause dissatisfaction and inconvenience even in the closest of your friends.Therefore, if you want to make a surprise, it is still not too lazy, lift the handset and tell them that you want to look for a short time, for example, to congratulate.And remember that such visits, in fact, should be short, so as not to disturb the owners plans and not cause irritation.