Redevelopment of apartment: how to make alterations to your apartment right

Many, undertaking repairs, remodeling dream of his apartment.Most often, this standard alterations: people want to combine a bathroom, a room divided into parts or to combine the kitchen with a bathroom.By the way, the last room in this case, has already received the new status of the kitchen-living room.Basically rebuild "brezhnevki" and "Khrushchev," or someone has an opportunity to redeem the communal apartment in a poor condition and make five-room two-room communal excellent accommodation.

But first you need to understand what is - redevelopment?Remodelling - a change of premises configurations require changes to product data.This is a new Housing Code.First of all, you must understand that the redevelopment will be considered in the case when a person decides to remove anything.

It's pretty simple.When you get to the copy or the plan of the apartment, then everything in this plan are shown in the last inventory, should be: all the walls, closets, attics, openings ... If something is missing, it

means that the remodeling was done.Or, if your change will affect any of these parts, it is also considered to be redevelopment.

Harder with add-ons and extensions.It is not considered redevelopment furniture specifically closets.But if the self-made cabinet of the same size is fixed against the wall, it will require the presence of agreement.In general, experts are guided by the following measurements: if the extension above a meter ten centimeters, then it is considered a re-planning of premises.The exception is the mezzanine.

way, and wardrobe owners can bring some trouble, if it stands on the former site of the closet, because in this case the analysis of the same design is re-planning.

Previously, all approvals for the redevelopment of housing and communal enterprises do.And it is much easier to obtain the necessary authorization - the tenant written statement, he often responded positively.No control, strict accounting was not.Now, with the new Housing Code, it is much tougher, only local authorities can engage in such negotiation.The Commission is required to bypass the apartment and watches were made work.Since it is a public body, all of its services are free to the public.

If you started redevelopment, in order to avoid many of the problems, do everything according to the law, well.To begin, you need to write application form, and where - you prompt your housing committee.After writing and submission of such application, you need to wait for the decision of the commission.Maximum of forty-five days takes consideration of each case, but the Commission usually consults before.

The Commission decision terms, conditions clearly defined, time and materials with which to make alterations.The applicant performs all this shows the Commission, that constitutes an act.simple procedure, especially if you do everything correctly and in accordance with the Housing Code.

But for those who have made illegal alterations, there are certain sanctions.Of course, once a person will not be punished.First, just a warning, be asked to legitimize the changes made in the apartment, or get everything back to its original state.In case of failure of the housing organization may apply to the court.And there may be various kinds of decisions - until the termination of the contract of employment and housing sales.But this, of course, an extreme measure.What

required documents and steps for legal registration of redevelopment?If you are going to make alterations, they should come to his house business or the BTI and receive the copy of the technical passport of an apartment.Then, choose the office, which will be redevelopment project.There should be guided by the terms and prices - in every organization they own, and the final cost depends on the complexity of the work and the size of redevelopment.

By the way, if you are not the owner of the property, then you need to obtain the consent of all members of the family living in the apartment.Missing person may express their consent notarized power of attorney.

If the application is written, it is usually within a couple of weeks of the committee housing and utilities expresses its consent or reject the proposed redevelopment.If necessary (for example, in complex cases, redevelopment of communal apartments or hotel-type housing) have to get advice from specialists.In this case, the timing may move slightly.

Now almost all the agencies involved in real estate, undertake and agree on service alterations.They look for the design, organization, help collect and write the application.If you do not have time to walk the chain of command, you need only write a letter of attorney and, of course, pay them for their work.

There are a number of works that need to be coordinated with the Housing Committee.This is the replacement of plumbing, renovations or moving it.It should be made aware of when you are going to install the shower or hot tub.Work on the heating devices must also pass through the committee - swappable batteries, installation of underfloor heating.Moreover, prior to the work necessary to win the support of its energy housing office.

considered redevelopment and replacement of the internal power supply system.This is especially true owners of suspended ceilings, lighting fixtures built into them change the whole wiring system.Often the landlord thinks that if he replaced the wiring from the panel throughout the apartment, it has protected itself from short circuits.He is mistaken, and seriously.

Many work illegally made redevelopment, yet, as it were, remain unnoticed, but, sooner or later, they will bring problems.It is, for example, lobbies that suit the tenants of neighboring apartments.People put a partition in the doorway separating their homes, and shut the door of the castle.This is possible only with the consent of all the owners of the property entrance.

yet only watch craftsmen living on the first floor, which is attached to their apartments balconies and thrifty citizens, develop in doorways and storage boxes with potato stocks.But in a short time and it will apply sanctions.

it sets out the work in the apartment, you should know that the redevelopment will be banned if you plan to change load-bearing structures.They are, incidentally, are the property of common house, and even the owner of the property did not belong.If the tenant is going to place the kitchen or bathroom on the living accommodation, exception - duplex.On the second floor of their homes people can do anything they want.