Once again about the dangers of alcohol

Even if we do not talk about those who are unconditionally abusing alcohol, many are trying to find an excuse not always moderate reception of spirits, referring to different, prevailing stereotypes of the people.But, having looked through the explanation of medical, drug and psychologists, you can dispel many of them entirely, while others - notably correct.You probably should not keep yourself in the wrong, we must listen to the opinion of experts.

Many people believe that alcohol can quickly warm up, so happy, froze, starting to get a bottle from the bar.In such an approval is contained in only a small fraction of the truth.The fact that the actual cooling helps about 50 g of vodka or brandy.This amount of alcohol dilates blood vessels and normalize blood flow to internal organs.And now all following the same dose increase blood flow in the skin.She blushes there is a pleasant feeling of warmth.But it is very misleading, since heat increases, the body begins to cool down even more.At the same time a

man saved a subjective feeling of well-being.So the warming effect of alcoholic beverages is very exaggerated.

It is also believed that alcohol increases the appetite.This is true, but the appearance of a slight feeling of hunger provoke only hard liquor, and then, again, only a small amount of about 20-25 grams of vodka.This amount of alcohol affects the center of saturation and activates it, and the whole process takes about 15-20 minutes, no less.So drink 'appetite for "eating right before is fundamentally wrong.Because hunger does not appear for a few seconds: it takes a longer time.Besides alcohol before eating - is not out of the situation.Alcohol will behave aggressively towards a hungry stomach mucosa.He will suffer from hydrochloric acid production which is enhanced, too.As a result, may develop gastritis.Is it too high a price for with an appetite to eat?

often tired people try to cheer yourself up or relieve stress by using alcohol.This can be useful, but in most cases is completely wrong, because it is necessary to drink quite a bit - 20-30 ml of vodka or cognac, or 40 ml of wine or a martini.Such small doses removed internal stress and help relax.

But usually, unfortunately, most often used for this purpose much more significant amounts of alcohol.And here the scenario could develop in two ways.First - aggravated by fatigue, decreased mood, there is a kind of depression, which only heightens the sense of internal fatigue.Second - it's alcohol euphoria, which inevitably ends too depressed.Neither is any other case, the release can not speak of stress.

Many believe that is worked under the influence of alcohol more easily than usual.We are not talking about the average, much less of a heavy degree of intoxication, when blunted all the reactions and feelings.This refers to the slight degree, in which activated thought processes.But the feeling is absolutely subjective, and it was recently proven by Australian scientists.With the help of experiments, they have come to an interesting conclusion.It turns out that slightly intoxicated people thought speed and motor responses could actually increase.But these reactions are often wrong.After all, even small doses of alcohol cause a reduction in concentration and the deterioration of the quality of reasoning.

Thus, work "under the degrees" own peril.Maybe work will be done faster, but it will be different kinds of errors.

Many hypertensive think that the lower the pressure, you can use alcohol because there is a perception that it dilates blood vessels.In this statement there is some truth - small doses actually weaken the tone of the vascular wall.But at the same alcohol increases the heart rate.A blood pressure depends on the volume of blood ejected into the bloodstream.How this amount the more the pressure is higher.Therefore, alcohol in no case can not be considered a cure for hypertension.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that many drinks contain biologically active substances, which themselves have an impact on blood pressure, and in most cases unfavorable.

Many women have counted all the calories eaten and drunk calories do not take into account.Meanwhile, alcohol has a very high energy value, and, the stronger the drink, the more value it more.The highest rate in the vodka.Vodka has no nutritional value, calories are introduced only at the expense of alcohol, and that is why from them is very difficult to get rid of.

little different is the case with wine.Energy value of the drink partly due to the carbohydrates that are easy to split and burn easily.So wine is not so detrimental effect on appearance.And yet, any alcohol is very high in calories.This rule knows no exceptions, so before drinking, you need to think not only about his health, but also about the figure.

is believed that high-quality alcohol does not cause harm.In fact it is not so: any alcohol has on the body toxic effect.One of the decomposition products of ethyl alcohol - acetaldehyde.It was he who poisons the body.

But, of course, low-quality alcohol affects the body is even worse, because the cheap strong drinks do not pass the proper cleansing, they contain fusel oils, which are many times increase the toxic effect of alcohol.The same can be said Beverage domestic production.And like good water was used and organic fruits and berries, but I still get a drink much more harmful than the purchase.And all because alcohol is very difficult to clean up at home.Of course, preference should be given to the known and expensive brands, but do not think that they will not affect the health.

Many are being treated for a cold vodka - with apples, honey, and anything else.It is believed that such a drug, and the temperature will decrease and stop a runny nose, and sore throat decrease.Whence is a belief - no one knows.However, for some reason, many believe that this an old Russian recipe and all our ancestors were treated in a similar way.It is possible that the ancient Russians fought the cold with the help of vodka.What is more important - the modern medicine does not recognize such a method.

First, the immunity "Fire water" does not improve.Second, alcohol is not the best effect on inflamed throat.It starts to hurt after such "treatment" even more.But a small number of pre-warmed red wine can drink.It at least has the ability to stimulate the immune system.

Most of us believe that strong beverages, it is imperative to have a snack and drink them in any case impossible.But this statement is not entirely correct.Here it is necessary to clarify what exactly Snacks are meant - hot or cold.Last weakly neutralized alcohol, he quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.The same thing happens when a person drinks some alcohol.So in that sense, juices, fruit drinks, fruit drinks can be put on an equal footing with fruit and vegetable salads.

Quite different is the case with the hot and greasy dishes like soups or stews.Those inhibit the absorption of ethanol reduces the severity of intoxication and therefore are considered the best snacks.is unmatched by any "zapivka" with them.

Now many people think that once low-alcohol beer is drink, it does not cause any harm to health.This catastrophic misleading.In the beer is really not a lot of alcohol.But this does not mean that this drink harmless.He is also an alcoholic and is addictive.No wonder more and more physicians have recently spoken about the so-called beer alcoholism.In addition, the heady drink is very bad for the liver and heart.These organs undergo degeneration and begin to function poorly.Given all this, in no case be treated to beer as a lemonade.You can not absorb it daily liters.Such thoughtlessness is very quick impact on health.