vacation time

long-awaited holiday time is now.And, although plans for the holidays, we always begin to build in advance, it is still before the holiday there is a lot of questions, choices problem.And, of course, the holidays bring more headaches because offers mass, and so want to choose the most optimal.To not make the wrong choice, you need to get serious about planning vacations.And we'll tell you what to look for when choosing an operator and travel to your holiday was comfortable in every way.


Of course, first you have to choose the travel agency itself.Not bad to ask the familiar, some services firms enjoyed it.If the company has been a few years, you know the name of its advertising, the probability that it is stable and can ensure quality services increases.A company with a stranger named quality services may be questionable.But this is not a fact, because there are happy exceptions.About many things you tell and office of the company and its staff.In stable agencies and offers a cozy armchair,

and a bunch of booklets that you can take home for free, and even a cup of coffee.Pay attention to all the nuances of service.


In any case, you will have to do a comparative analysis of prices.Call those firms whose offer you are interested in, and write down all the information.Then carefully analyze all prices and services.Do not be afraid to seem intrusive, call at least a few times - it is your right, if you are going to pay a lot of money.

price of two similar tours in different agencies can be the difference in the two.Please note this fact in the first place.This is especially true of vouchers in such popular now, countries like Turkey and Spain.And pay heed to the tours with incredibly low cost - you risk to get into an environment that does not regret it once.


insurance is usually included in the tour price, but does not prevent specify the conditions separately.In fact, insurance - is not an idle question.Many had a sad experience, when the wrong conclusion was drawn backfire contract.Make this emphasis.

Vaccinations In some countries without any special vaccinations to enter is prohibited.Keep in mind that in Africa must be careful of malaria and yellow fever in Turkey India - cholera and hepatitis A in China - intestinal infections in Siberia and the Altai - Tick-borne encephalitis.Do not forget about the huge health risks (and life) from casual sex!


There are organized tours with full board for the whole day.But in this case you will be bound by time.In most cases, price includes breakfast and decide how you are going to eat, you will be able to place.Do not skimp on the food.Many people take with them concentrates in hopes to save, and then starved to spend a lot of money into the first restaurant.Ask the agency, how do you best to proceed.They will tell you about the prices for the products, and on the national cuisine features.