Genetically modified food : benefit or harm ?

We often hear the term - "genetically modified food".What it means: How useful or, on the contrary, these products are harmful?What might be the consequences of their use and how to recognize such products when buying?These and many other questions we often have.

Genetically modified or transgenic products - are products in the genetic "set" which introduced a gene, initially they are not inherent in the resulting vegetables or fruits acquire new properties, and these properties can be pre-programmed.

With the help of genetic engineering are grown wheat increased yields, oranges, that does not deteriorate for a long time, the tomatoes with increased content of vitamin C, a potato that does not eat Colorado potato beetle - that is, fruits and vegetable

s with beneficial to human change.Proponents of GM foods say that these products - the best among those available to the buyer in the market.

Such products are carefully tested and are deprived of harmful chemical additives.While, as fruits and vegetables grown by a conventional method for the preservation of exposed chemical preservatives.In addition, modified genes are plants, enhancing their resistance to pests and fertilizers - and this means that they were not treated with pesticides and herbicides.

But genetic engineering - the science is still quite young, so it is impossible to guess the impact on human consumption of modified products in the future.To fully understand all risks should take a few decades and several generations fed on genetically modified products.

But many scientists now attributed the increased number of people suffering from obesity and allergies, it is with the use of mutant products.Even more alarming is the recent experiment in which mice fed transgenic soy.As a result, the experimental animals were given quite sick offspring.More than half of babies die in the first 2-3 weeks of life, and the survivors were largely fruitless.

According to statistics 70% of the soy produced in the world is genetically modified.Moreover, this is added to the soy sausage, ham, beef, canned goods, cheeses.In the world we have no technology by which to evaluate the safety of transgenic products.