The rules of table etiquette , what to drink and how to drink .Aperitifs.

Cocktails - it is beautiful and delicious!Only true connoisseurs usually horrified by cocktails field supplied to a carefully planned and superbly prepared dinner.They prefer cocktails of wine and a snack - a canape with caviar and pate.

Port, Sherry and Madeira, which served as an aperitif, are of two types: sweet and dry.Dry it can replace a cocktail.Good dry sherry usually served in a chilled bottle rather than in the decanter.

Dry port and sherry are good with bitter beer.Very many people love Dubonnet and vermouth room temperature with slices of lemon peel, but Dubonnet can also be made and chilled with ice cubes in a glass of cocktail and vermouth can make a good drink, add the whiskey and soda, it will appeal to those who preferstimulating appetite drinks with low alcohol content.

Even one drink of vermouth is made as follows: 1.5 to 3 parts of French dry vermouth (Italian is not suitable because it is too sweet), are added 0.5 parts of "Crème de Cassis" (French blackcurrant liqueur)crushed ic

e and soda water.This drink is called "vermouth cassis", served in a high narrow glass, filled to three-quarters, and lightly stir.

Decant the wine into a carafe or not?Jerez supplied to the soup and in between meals (more sweet type of wine), you can pour into a decanter, though submit it to a good bottle can also be.Different kinds of vodka (but, of course, not wine), served quite often straight from the fridge, very cold and not bottled.

Claret, Madeira and port can be poured, but many people like the appearance of the bottles, especially if they say anything name of the winemaker.These wines, with the exception of claret, kept well in the decanter.

Burgundy is not poured, but served with a special stand to save a little tilt of the bottle, especially if it is well-aged wine.His need to make room and open an hour before serving.American filtered wine can be served in carafes or bottles standing upright.

Sparkling Burgundy is served chilled in own bottle standing upright, like champagne.These wines should be "Pogrebnoy" temperature that is colder than ambient, but not hypothermia.

The same applies to the white sparkling wines, they are served in the upright bottles, slightly chilled.

Liqueurs are typically room temperature.Liqueurs and spirits are served in the afternoon with coffee or after him.

wine is poured into a glass first guest of honor (the lady sitting to the right of the owner), but before that, the owner must check its fragrance.In large doses, when guests sit at small tables, put a bottle of wine is best for each table.

If the wine is served in a bottle, it may remain on the cork crumbs.In this case, first poured quite a bit of wine into a glass master or, if not, the hostess, so as to get rid of the crumbs.

If crumbs fall into the glass, they must be careful to catch a clean knife or spoon, and put them on a plate edge or simply replace the glass.