The air in your home

air pollution in large cities, say a lot and often.It is a pity that the dry residue of such talk a little bit, although the actions of the fighters for the environment are regular and active.And that's what we breathe in their apartments?Are we not in a hurry, calling his home a haven from all the troubles and problems?

According to the World Health Organization air in our homes and offices is more harmful to health than even on the street!Why so?Look around you.Furniture made of particle board, which is in many apartments, is harmful to health, as the resin, fastening furniture boards, release formaldehyde, irritating the mucous membrane of the eyes and the respiratory tract.In addition, it causes headache, contributes to cancer.

the black list of substances that are harmful to our health, but are in our apartments include styrene, benzene, toluene, phenol and other compounds released from the polymers used in construction (door, window units, hydro and thermal insulation).

Polymers around us: it i

s linoleum, carpet, washable wallpaper, etc. It is not always enough money to buy the product is really good quality, with health certificate and a guarantee that the level of pollution does not exceed permissible, because often in apartments there are not certified cheap.Products unknown manufacturer.

not harmless and natural gas.Entering the air during combustion of carbon monoxide, nitrogen compounds, aromatic hydrocarbons have a negative impact on health.And if the home has a smoke, then smoke in combination with asbestos and radon present in the apartment, causing serious lung disease.

Asbestos boards are not dangerous as long as no violation of their integrity.But if you started a repair in his process in air there are asbestos fibers, which get into the respiratory tract.

Even seemingly clean air in the apartment still contains impurities - bioaerosols: pollen, dust mites, dander, fungi (spores and mycelia).And although most of them are not infectious, they can cause allergies, especially in children or frail people.But bacteria and viruses in indoor air are often the cause of many diseases.

To your health is not harmed spontaneous electromagnetic field, do not turn into one outlet using a multiple multiple appliances.It makes more sense to install several outlets with grounding in each room.

Proper cleaning of the apartment, a ban on smoking in the house, the availability of home colors that perfectly purify the air, the atmosphere of your home will only benefit.Consider purchasing purifier and air ionizer or a good air conditioning system.Do not clutter and do not clutter the surplus room furniture, draperies, carpets and floor coverings.For repair, try to buy quality certified materials, do not skimp on your health!